Charles' decision against his parents' wishes could cause an uproar

For a long time, observers of the aristocracy assumed that Prince Edward – the youngest son of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II – the title Duke of Edinburgh from his father Prince Philip gets transferred. So far, however, that hasn’t happened. Meanwhile, British media reports that the new monarch Charles III could confer the title on himself, contrary to his parents’ wishes. Prince Consort Philip passed away in April 2021 at the age of 99.

Who will be the new Duke of Edinburgh?

The reason: Charles’ plans for a slimmer monarchy would go against the will of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. “It wouldn’t make sense to make Edward Duke of Edinburgh. As it’s a hereditary title that will eventually pass to Edwards and Countess Sophies son would be passed on,” the newspaper quoted Daily Mail a palace insider. the Sun reports that Charles therefore intends to sign over the Duchy of Edinburgh to himself – which may not please everyone. How he decides remains to be seen.

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