Dominic Monaghan for People

It’s been 12 years since the end of lost, one of the most commented and influential series of the century. With 6 seasons and more than 100 chapters, it became one of the most popular fictions of its time and many remember it as one of the best in history.

However, there is someone who has not yet seen any chapter of the series. Is about Dominic Monaghan, remembered for playing beloved Charlie in the first three seasons of lost, and who confesses never having seen an episode of fiction.

Why has Dominic Monaghan never seen Lost?

in conversation with People, Dominic Monaghan recalled some of the most iconic moments of his career and surprised with a revelation about lost. The 45-year-old British actor confessed that he never saw the popular series and explained his reason behind this.

“It’s just not something I do. I’ve lived those things so completely, I don’t need to repeat them to have that experience.”, said the actor who played Charlie in the first three seasons. Thus, he pointed out that it is not something against the series, but he does not review his work.

“I am aware that it was a great series and that clearly people continue to like it until now“, said Dominic Monaghan about the love he receives Lost. In addition, he says that people approach him with the iconic phrase Not Penny’s Boat written on his hands.

“It became a piece of pop culture. I’m glad to have been involved in a series that for a while was the biggest TV show in the world.”continued the actor, who confesses that they have also passed 15 years since last seen The Lord of the rings.

Dominic Monaghan for People

Dominic Monaghan quickly became unot one of the most beloved actors of lost, thanks to the popularity of his character. However, she left her after the third season, when Charlie dies in one of the most iconic scenes on television.

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