Chris Evans would love to star in Star Wars: "Even a Wookie!"

The Buzz Lightyear voice actor would also like to shoot a movie in space.

Interviewed by MTV on the occasion of the theatrical release of Buzz Lightningthe new animated film from Pixar studios derived from Toy Story, Chris Evans revealed that he would rather embody Johnny Storm againaka the Human Torch of the fantastic 4, as Steve Rogers/Captain America for Marvel. During the same interview, he also expressed his desire to join the saga Star Warswhich is produced by the same studio, Disney.

“What would I like to play in Star Wars !, he says at the end of the video, after explaining that he would love to shoot a movie in space. I’m a space nerd. For me, the very idea of ​​space, of what is around us, makes me feel good, it brings me peace and a perspective for the future. In this period when everything seems insignificant, I find a certain tranquility there. But let’s come back more specifically to Star Wars… “Even just a Stormtrooper, I’d love to say yes. I’d play a Wookie, that would be nice. I’d love to shoot a Star Wars, and a musical. I had to play in the new version of The Little Shop of Horrors, moreover, but the Covid arrived, there were problems with the agenda, and I believe that the director left to do something else. It broke my heart, it’s my favorite musical. Should I share my audition, just to see how it’s received by the public? To get the attention of Warner Bros, that people support me to say to them: ‘Come on, guys, make this movie!’

Will Chris Evans keep his word? While waiting to see his audition appear on social networks, here is his video interview, in English:

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