Chrissy Teigen arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 9, 2020 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States.
Chrissy Teigen rocked her social media site with a seriously seductive video clip. ©

Chrissy Teigen seemed to be having some fun with internet bots as she took to her Instagram page for her latest social media share.

The 36-year-old former Sport’s Illustrated beauty and mother of two shared a new video clip for her followers to enjoy and did it all. At the same time, clad in some very seductive attire aimed at appeasing the robotic entities intent on stealing celebrity snaps for the pleasure of those seeking more sexual online content.

Chrissy wore sheer tights and a bra while swiveling on a salon chair

Wearing nothing but some sheer, revealing leggings with a high-waisted belly band and a white bra, Chrissy upped her social media game in a major way as she playfully gave a little nod to the non-human, fake accounts out there that try to snatch a picture from an account and turn it into a profitable image.

Chrissy nailed her goal of sending out those provocative vibes for her “best friends on instagram, the porn bots” while totally understanding the assignment as she casually flipped her hair and gave a very leggy display to ensure her post got “engagement.”

The hot mama’s slim physique could be seen in all its slender glory, with Chrissy appearing to have lost weight in the months since going off alcohol as she and her husband, John Legend, try for baby number three.

Rocking her super-sheer, see-through tights on her lower half, with nothing but a thicker band seeming to cover her private areas, Chrissy made the attire go that extra mile for her alluring share, taking one long leg and crossing it over the other to really make her silhouette pop.

Sitting in a white salon chair, Chrissy casually tossed her head slightly back to reveal her exposed neckline as her brown locks cascaded smoothly around her shoulders and over one side of her bra.

Chrissy recently showed off her swimsuit body

While the sizzling sensation has been trending towards more familial-based Instagram posts of late, showing off some adorable snaps and videos of her daughter Luna’s dance recital, Chrissy hasn’t forgotten to toss in some pictures she knows fans clamor for online.

Taking to both her Instagram posts and stories, Chrissy got the week started off right when she shared a fun bathing suit clip, where the model could be seen wearing a flirty, pale-pink one-piece with a sorbet-orange robe opened wide around her middle to reveal the suit and her toned middle and legs at the same time.

Giving the web some much-needed pop of summer color, Chrissy got fans worked up as she could be seen doing a Legally Blonde, Elle Woods-inspired float around the water as she lay on a blue pool chair and arched one leg up with a knee bend.

Despite looking ever-trim in each new Instagram post, Chrissy continues to vehemently deny that she has gone under the knife to achieve her enviably-thin physique, claiming that she has not had liposuction at any point.

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