Gwendlyn Brown
Gwendlyn Brown and her new love take a trip together. Pic credit: @gwendlynbrown/Instagram

With the recent split between Sister Wives stars Christine and Kody Brown, fans wondered how their six children would take the news. The majority of their kids are older and on their own, and have seemed to acclimate to their new family dynamic.

Middle child Gwendlyn Brown has always been a free spirit, and has gone against the grain of her conservative polygamous family. At age 20, she is in a discovery phase of her life, and uses social media to invite viewers to follow along in her journey.

Gwendlyn debuted her new girlfriend on social media, and she documented their first trip together, and the ladies look like they had an amazing time.

Gwendlyn introduced her new girlfriend to her followers

After weeks of speculation on social media, Gwendlyn confirmed she’s in a relationship and shared photos with her girlfriend, Beatriz. She posted multiple photos of a trip they recently took to California, along with their fun-filled intenerary.

Gwendlyn started her post by revealing her new love, saying, “Barely two months into dating and we went on our first trip together to Disneyland woot woot”.

She went on to let her friends in on their trip and said, “Day 1 – seven hour drive to anaheim california and sleeping in my car at a walmart bc gas already cost us a fortune.”

The ladies then went to their first LA Pride celebration as she posted, “Day 2 – literally no plans at all so we went to the beach and looked up things to do and realized it’s June so we went to LA Pride! the spontaneity.”

The cute couple drove south for a trip to Disneyland, where Gwendlyn said, “Day 3 – Disneyland! feet were already aching after Pride but it was so worth it we were thriving.”

Gwendlyn joked that they had their first fight the next day, posting, “Day 4 – we had our first fight at California Adventure over an intense game of checkers,”

She was excited that she met a Loki impersonator. Gwendlyn said that the Rise of the Resistance was their favorite ride of the trip.

What do we know about Beatriz?

Beatriz is originally from Brazil, according to her Instagram bio, which includes the country’s national flag. She also indicates that she attends Northern Arizona University and lives in Coconino, Arizona, which is the same county as Flagstaff where the Browns are based. However, she appears to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal details, as she hasn’t featured the reality star on her account yet.

Gwendlyn posted another series of photos of her and Beatriz three weeks ago, cozying up to each other. That’s when fans had the suspicion that Gwendlyn was in a new relationship.

In 2020, Gwendlyn changed her Twitter bio to describe herself as a “raging bisexual,” and hinted at officially coming out in a Twitter post in May 2021. Gwendlyn is the second person in her family to come out, as her older sister Mariah Brown, whom Kody shares with wife Meri Brown, chose to do so in a Sister Wives episode.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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