Chrystelle Labaude (Research Section): why the first seasons of the series are dear to her

In Meurtres à Porquerolles, Saturday May 7 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3, the actress of Un si grand soleil plays a doctor’s wife who finds herself on the list of suspects in the murder of Elisabeth Carlson, a painter.

How do you view your character, Mireille Canovas?

Chrystelle Labaude: She is someone who is seemingly submissive because her husband decides everything. She will have a burst of life and femininity thanks to her meeting with Lilibeth, and will decide to divorce. But it turns out that Lilibeth is not in the same “step” as her in terms of affect…

Isn’t she the image of a whole generation of women who have been restrained both professionally and emotionally?

She is indeed like all those who have been forced, not necessarily by violence and threats but because of the obligations imposed on them. They went directly from the parental yoke to the marital yoke. There, there is also the notable status of her husband which makes it even more difficult to break what is installed. Mireille is a volcano that has remained dormant for years and whose emotional awakening is going to be very strong!

You have often appeared in detective series. Do the very different registers of this genre appeal to you?

Yes, I dream of working with crazy people, on huge comedies or dramas, with roles that are out of the ordinary. I would also like to play in a short program because you have to have a sense of rupture and dare, not be afraid of ridicule.

How do you live the end of Research Section ?

I left the series a long time ago. But it made me happy that they called back the old ones for these last episodes. And this camera that brought us together is a very good idea, especially since it allowed me to find comrades that I had not seen for four years.

You were part of the cast from 2006 to 2017. What are the fondest memories you have of this long period of your career?

I think these are the first seasons, when we were in Bordeaux. I appreciated knowing that the Atlantic was not far away. And then I think we always have the nostalgia for the beginnings. But after a while, I gave up because there was nothing left. My role had become misery and a skin of grief. It’s not an easy decision to make, but when you’re no longer wanted, you have to leave.


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