Chucky: The cast of Bound reunited in season 2, the series will continue its meta jokes!

Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano join Jennifer Tilly. Just like Meg Tilly, the sister of the interpreter of Tiffany the Bride of Chucky.

At the beginning of April, Salto put the first season of the series online chucky, which won over horror fans with its humor and cruelty, and was quickly renewed by SyFy and USA Network. Bringing back all the villains and survivors of the saga in front of the camera of Don Mancini, who is at the origin of this creepy doll story, she was notably carried by Jennifer Tillyaka Tiffany, Bride of Chucky. Arrived in the adventure in 1998, ten years after the release of the very first opus, she detailed in First his life with Chucky, explaining having fun like crazy thanks to the jokes “meta” proposed by its creator. We see her in the series appearing in her own role and making fun of her career, playing as much with her flops as with her successes. There is in particular a big nod to Boundthe Wachowski thriller released in 1996 at the cinema, which featured two lesbian heroines played by herself and Gina Gerson. “With this ‘meta’ concept, we can add lots of winks to my own life, explains the actress. Tiffany loves poker (Jennifer Tilly, she is a real champion, editor’s note)she makes fun of her weight, her age or throws a valve on Bound, simply because the director is a big fan of this Wachowski film. Where I already had a Sapphic relationship. Homosexuality is really an important theme of the show, not just a joke. It’s also tackled in a softer way with two of the young heroes, Jack (Zackary Arthur) and Diviner (Bjorgvin Arnarson).”

While the filming of season 2 has started, Syfy announces the arrival in the adventure of Gina Gershon and of Joe Pantoliano. The two stars of Bound will therefore find Jennifer Tilly in this sequel, just like the actress’ own sister, Meg Tilly (Fame, Valmont, Caprica), fashion designer Sutton Stracke, who is a good friend of the actress known for having participated in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and finally Tony Nappo, accustomed to horrific universes (he was notably in Saw II).

chucky season 2 should be broadcast in the United States for Halloween, then shortly after in France on Salto. “I love this character, I’m delighted to have signed on for the sequel, Jennifer Tilly tease. I can already tell you that Tiff’ will once again be different from anything we’ve seen before. By her looks, of course, because as far as she is concerned, it goes hand in hand with her behavior, but not only. It will continue to evolve. Mentally, without spoiler, I think we can say that she is not very well, she has a lot of contradictory feelings to manage. His view of Chucky is changing and this will inevitably impact his choices. Will she be more of a doll or a human? You will see.”

Excluded – Jennifer Tilly: “My life with Chucky”

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