Cienfuegos march against crime and delinquency

Santiago.-As a result of the constant events that have left several violent deaths, a large part victims of crime, representatives of various sectors of the Santiago Oeste municipal district marched to demand greater citizen security.

The protesters grouped in the Committee for Transparency and the Solution of Social Problems of Western Santiago, as well as community organizations demanded that the authorities face the criminal actions.

Phrases such as: “Justice for the Fallen”, “No more teteos or slogans as the united people will never be defeated”, were launched by the citizens who attended the walk that started from the park near the elevated that crosses the irrigation canal to the police headquarters of the Cienfuegos sector.

“Recently we went to the funeral of a nephew of Nao, the employee of the Attorney General’s Office and a few days later we found out about him, the result of the crime that in recent days has claimed the lives of ten working people,” says the Professor José David Báez, director of the Víctor Espaillat Mera polytechnic, in the Ensanche Espaillat neighborhood.

While the relatives of the barber Richard Rafael Báez, beaten to death while being held in the Cienfuegos police station, demand justice.

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