The Dominican Government clarified this Friday afternoon that in the bilateral conversation held yesterday during the Summit of the Americas, between Dominican President Luis Abinade and Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry, there was no commitment to regularize the situation. of Haitian immigrants and workers in the country.

In a statement issued by Presidencyit was also assured that in said conversation the Dominican president did not confirm his support for the candidacy of the former Haitian Minister of Public Health, Florence Guillaume Duperval, for the position of director general of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

According to the local government, Abinader’s position on these two issues was as follows:

«Regarding immigrants and workers: The Haitian government must make every effort to provide official Haitian documents to all immigrants and workers in the Dominican Republic.

Regarding the candidacy to PAHO: The Dominican president indicated that he could not define any support in view of the fact that the Panamanian government also has a candidacy for the same position and is an ally with whom we must talk about it,” the official statement states.

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The Dominican Government has very clear positions regarding the bilateral agenda with the Haitian Government.

Statement issued by the Dominican Presidency

The only valid information on the agreements or discussions within the framework of the Summit of the Americas are those emanating from the official instances of the Dominican Republic.

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