Clark (Netflix): who is the man behind Stockholm Syndrome?

The Clark mini-series is coming to Netflix! From this Thursday, users of the platform will be able to discover the story of Clark Olofsson, the famous Swedish robber who inspired the concept of Stockholm Syndrome.

What is Stockholm Syndrome? If many people have an idea of ​​the concept, they are often unaware of its origin. This was born of a hostage-taking in Sweden in 1973, during which two criminals, Jan-Erik Olsson and Clark Olofsson, held up four employees of a Kreditbanken agency in the center of the capital. To everyone’s surprise, the latter ended up taking them in sympathy. “The hostages more or less sided with me, protecting me in certain situations so the police wouldn’t shoot me.“, recalls Jan-Erik Olsson, now 72 years old, in the columns of AFP. “They even went down to the bathroom, and the police wanted to keep them there, but they all came back.“His sidekick, Clark Olofsson, has also earned the hostages’ trust, despite being one of the country’s most dangerous criminals.”I don’t have the slightest fear of Clark and the other guy. I’m afraid of the police. Do you understand that? I have complete confidence in them. Believe me or not, but we had a good time here, explained a hostage, Kristin Enmark, in a telephone interview. For the American psychiatrist Frank Ochberg, at the origin of the term “Stockholm Syndrome”, the latter is defined as follows: “attachment or even love” of the hostage for his captor, a reciprocity on the part of the hostage taker and a common contempt for the outside world.

Clark Olofsson: which actor embodies the famous robber in the Netflix series?

To bring this biopic on Clark Olofsson, director Jonas Åkerlund has set his sights on Bill Skarsgård, famous performer of Pennywise and brother of actor Alexander Skarsgård. The story, to be discovered on Netflix from this Thursday, is based on truths and fictions written in the autobiography of Clark Olofsson.


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