Santo Domingo.- The National Social Security Council (CNSS) recognized this Wednesday that the high level of labor informality that exists in the country is the main problem to be faced to improve social assistance to the population.

“We have to recognize that one of the great problems of most social systems in the region, including the Dominican Republic, are the high levels of labor informality and this is obviously a pending challenge,” said Luis Miguel De Camps, president of the CNSS. , during the Weekly Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group.

In this sense, the also Minister of Labor stressed that, in order to improve the levels of sustainability, the CNSS seeks to make possible the health care of pensioners, as well as “the identification of better mechanisms so that people receive better care.” .

Along with this, it also proposes the achievement of the necessary consensus and application mechanisms so that the primary care strategy can materialize in social security.

Said objectives, he stated, are contained among ten points of interest raised by the entity to be considered in a reform to Law 87-01 on Social Security, on which consensus is already being reached.


Jesús Feris Iglesias, Superintendent of Health and Occupational Risks (Sisalril)

Also present at the meeting was Jesús Feris Iglesias, Superintendent of Health and Occupational Risks (Sisalril), who said, regarding the issue of pensions, that he has recommended three models to the CNSS to improve said system, which he hopes will be discussed.

Feris Iglesias stressed that, of these three models, the most viable, in his opinion, is to increase the Social Security contribution by 1.18% so that the pension system is free at the time of retirement.

“Increasing income by 1.18% of what is now paid from the Social Security of active personnel, with that the pension system will be free for all those who need a pension, in addition to the same benefits as if they were in a job active,” he said.

The Weekly Lunch was also attended by Edward Guzmán, General Manager of the CNSS, Ramón Contreras Genao, Superintendent of Pensions, Henry Sahdalá, Treasurer of the Social Security (TSS), Carolina Serrata, Head of the General Directorate of Information and Defense of Affiliates to Social Security (DIDA).

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Also, Fausto López Solís, director of the Dominican Institute for Prevention and Protection of Occupational Risks (IDOPPRIL) and José Antonio Matos, Vice Minister of Quality Assurance of the Ministry of Public Health.

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Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group. National Social Security Council. José Antonio Matos, Ramón Contreras Genao, Fausto López Solís, Carolina Serrata, Luis Miguel De Camps, Jesús Feris Iglesias, Edward Guzmán and Henry Sadhala. By: Jorge Gonzalez

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