Comedian Andries Tunru (30) is a true entertainer

Andries Tunru is busy and loves attention, he knows it. That’s why he used to like the Catholic Church so much, you didn’t have to perform much as a small child to be the center of attention. “The Catholic Church is like the Efteling: splendor, splendor, child is always lost.”

In 2017 Tunru (30) won the personality award at Cameretten. In his second solo In theory he proves in a flashy performance that his bravado is not misplaced. Tunru is a good improviser and excels in his musical acts.

There is a witty parody of a song by rapper Lange Frans and a musical quiz in which the absurdity of election programs is examined. The various acts and anecdotes are brought together under the metaphor of a ‘blanket of weight’, Tunru purchased the object brought with him last year in an attempt to find more peace. Under the blanket weighing twelve kilos, he can briefly escape from the chaotic and complex world. But only put such a blanket over your head at night, Tunru tells us. If you also do it during the day, you deprive yourself of the view of reality.

Breed entertainer

In a series of comic songs, Tunru shows how people’s perception of reality can differ. Funny is a scene in which Tunru visually shows how the driver of a car with a ‘sports exhaust’, which produces an impressive roaring sound, experiences his triumphal march on the road very differently from a passing pedestrian. A highlight is the childhood memory of the ‘Christian rap’ he had to make on the song ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’. He has retranslated the rap again, it has become a great text in which the church is viciously mocked.

Although not everything works – with the theme of ‘working at home during corona’, Tunru also wakes up clichés – In theory a very successful performance. Tunru is a true entertainer who proves that he can pack his comedic and theatrical talents into a coherent and smooth story.

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