Community service for threatening John van den Heuvel

A man from Heemstede has been sentenced to 40 hours of community service for threatening crime journalist John van den Heuvel with death. Yunus K. expressed the threat in a video last year. The man said in it that “the cancer head” of Van den Heuvel would become “cheese with holes”.

The judge did not agree with the prosecutor’s demand in his conviction. He had asked for a prison sentence of two months, of which one month was suspended. According to the OM, when recording the video, K. must have been aware that the video would end up with Van den Heuvel, even if he did not send it himself. However, the judge did impose a three-year contact ban on K., as demanded.

Lawyer Moszkowicz asked for acquittal in his plea. He stated that it was never the intention to send the video. Moreover, according to the lawyer, the ruling on the cheese with holes should not be seen as a death threat. For example, there could be a “mask on which a cheese with holes is depicted”. That it was experienced as threatening by Van den Heuvel would be his own interpretation.

Past Threats

The suspect from Heemstede was also indicted in October 2020 for threatening Van den Heuvel, writes Broadcasting Brabant† He could not then be prosecuted because the court in Haarlem declared the Public Prosecution Service inadmissible due to a formal error.

Van den Heuvel has been under protection for quite some time, since he has been regularly threatened. Earlier this year there was a lot of commotion on the A2 motorway after someone was suspected of chasing the crime reporter. It turned out to be a false alarm.

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