Controversial MCU Reveal: Here's what you need to know about Ms. Marvel's Clandestine

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced us to a number of extraterrestrial races in the past, such as the Kree, Skrull, Celestials and most recently the Eternals. Another group from another dimension makes its debut in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel: the clandestines or jinn.

With Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) appearing in the upcoming The Marvels movie, her connection to the Clandestines will continue to play a major role in the MCU going forward. Here you will find the most important information about the new Marvel species of jinn and how it radically changed Ms. Marvel’s comic book origins.

Djinn in the MCU: The Clandestines from Ms. Marvel Explained

The youngest MCU heroine, Kamala Khan, is given supernatural powers by a mysterious bracelet. In episode 3 of the Ms. Marvel series, the youngster now receives surprising answers about her own origins from the enigmatic Najma (Nimra Bucha). Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) was actually not human at all, but comes from another dimension.

Check out the trailer for the excellent MCU series Ms. Marvel here:

Ms. Marvel – Trailer (German) HD


Aisha, as well as Najma and her comrades-in-arms, belong to the group of clandestines, also known on Earth as jinn. These come from the so-called Noor dimension and have been many years ago banished to earth. To get back to their home dimension, they need Kamala’s bracelet, which is an alien artifact.

It is the first time that the terms clandestine and jinn are used in the MCU. Most Marvel fans will have never heard of it either. Because the Clandestine is one rather unknown group from the Marvel Comics.

These are the super-powered descendants of Adam of Destine. In the 12th century, the human Adam was saved from death by a jinn and fathered numerous children with her who received different powers. The Noor Dimension, on the other hand, is completely reinvented and does not exist in the Marvel Comics.

Ms. Marvel’s Origin Changed: But No Inhumans in the MCU?

Fans of Kamala Khan’s comic book adventures are rightly puzzled by the MCU series’ recent revelations. Neither Djinn nor Clandestine play a role in it. Then Kamala Khan is an Inhuman in the template. These are the descendants of humans genetically modified by the Kree many centuries ago. Terrigenesis is initiated by terrigenous crystals. Only in this transformation process activated the Inhumans’ genetically transmitted powers.

Kamala’s powers in Ms. Marvel

This has already been discussed in the Marvel series Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans. The most prominent Inhuman, Black Bolt, recently appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – albeit in a different universe. Why Marvel is completely turning Kamala Khan’s origins upside down is a mystery to many fans. But the last word has not yet been spoken.

There is still a possibility that Ms. Marvel is involved in the tragic story of the exiled Djinn or Clandestines deceived and their true origins do not permit such a quick and simple answer. But she probably won’t be called inhumanas Iman Vellani revealed to us in an interview:

I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Inhumans in the MCU any time soon, other than Multiverse of Madness. […] The core and theme of the series and comics is to subvert all labels and expectations that are thrown at you and not just calling them one thing.

Whether Kamala ends up being Clandestine, Djinn or Inhuman: In Episode 3, Ms. Marvel lays the foundation for her origins to be either way with the alien race of the Kree connected. In a flashback to 1942, see the Clandestine group who found an artifact from the corpse of a blue creature (most likely a Kree) stolen. This is the bracelet that activates Kamal’s powers.

A dead Kree’s arm?

Does the possible Kree origin bring Kamala into connection with Captain Marvel and thus into the MCU film The Marvels? Does the alien bracelet have anything to do with the 10 rings from Shang-Chizu? And is it possibly the MCU version of the Kree Empire’s nega bands? Ms. Marvel still has three episodes on Disney+ to give us answers the many unanswered questions to deliver.

Ms. Marvel Podcast: A young heroine revolutionizes the MCU at Disney+

With the new MCU series Ms. Marvel, Disney+ wants to revolutionize its superheroes. Because the 16-year-old Kamala Khan is not only Marvel’s first Muslim heroine, but also a genuine fan girl with her own coming-of-age story. We took a closer look at this in the series check of the first 2 episodes.

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