Cousin Greg invites himself to The Simpsons for a parody of Succession

Nicholas Braun and Logan Roy’s great-nephew will be in the next episode, airing Sunday night.

Despite their 33rd season on the clock, The Simpsons always want to stay in step with the times. So Sunday evening, the next episode will tackle the best series of recent years: Succession.

In a kind of parody, which will also mix elements of Founderthe 2016 film about the creation of McDo with Michael Keaton, “Meat Is Murder” will see Grandfather revisit his past in a big company, which could have changed his life…

John Lithgow (The Crown) will play the grumpy patriarch at the head of the Logan Roy-style box, at war with his heirs played by Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) and Seth Green (Buffy), as well as the influence Charli D’amelio.

Above all, fans of Succession will have the pleasure of meeting the legendary Cousin Greg in Springfield! Actor Nicholas Braun will even lend his voice to his “simpsonified” character.

What to wait while waiting to find the war of Roy. Season 4 of Succession isn’t even filming yet.

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