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Interpreted by Patrícia Pillar and Antônio Fagundes, Luana and Bruno live a forbidden romance in Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s novel. For the curious, it’s time to find out if the two are together in O Rei do Gado or if the romance has a sad ending.

Take the opportunity to remember who killed Ralf do Rei do Gado

What happens to Luana and Bruno in O Rei do Gado?

Luana and Bruno’s love story begins in the second phase of the serial, when the girl joins a group of landless people who invade the rancher’s property. Right away, Bruno is fascinated by the beautiful girl.

From humble origins, Luana grew up without a family and worked from house to house to maintain her livelihood. After awakening the eyes of Bruno, she is hired at the farm of the king of cattle. As she was never treated with the same affection that she receives from Bruno, she soon falls in love with the boss.

Luana ends up harassed by the farmer’s family and receives the wrath of Léia (Silvia Pfeifer), Bruno’s wife, who is dumped by her husband after he discovers that she has an affair with Ralf (Oscar Magrini).

Luana and Bruno have Italian blood in their veins and as the story goes on they will discover that they are first cousins. Bruno is the son of Enrico Mezenga with Giovanna Berdinazzi, sister of Geremias, Bruno and Giacomo – who is Luana’s father.

For those who support the couple, the news is good: Luana and Bruno are together in O Rei do Gado. The couple achieves a happy ending and the girl gives birth at the end of the soap opera, continuing the lineage of the Italian-Brazilian family.

But the good news for the soap operas on duty is that despite the ups and downs and obstacles, Luana and Bruno are together in the soap opera O Rei do Gado and achieve a happy ending.

In addition, Luana discovers that she is actually Marieta Berdinazzi, the lost daughter of Giácomo, brother of Geremias (Raul Cortez) and ends up being recognized by her uncle. In the final stretch of the serial, the girl gives birth to a boy, who is named Felipe. Due to Luana’s insistence, the couple ends up naming the child with the surnames Berdinazzi Megenza.

In the last chapter, after countless fights between the families, Geremias and Bruno finally understand each other and start to live in harmony.

bruno and luana
Bruno and Luana get a happy ending at the end of O Rei do Gado and families unite – photo: reproduction/globo

+The true story of Mezenga and Berdinazzi was the inspiration for O Rei do Gado

Does Luana get Geremias’ inheritance?

Despite being recognized as the niece that Geremias sought so much, Luana is not the heiress to the Berdinazzi family fortune. Geremias’ money stays with Giuseppe (Emilio Orciollo Netto), her great-nephew.

During most of the telenovela, Geremias didn’t even know about Giuseppe’s existence. He found out about the boy when he traveled to Italy and investigated Rafaela’s past in O Rei do Gado, who was said to be his lost niece.

After discovering that the character of Gloria Pires was nothing more than an imposter, he stumbled upon yet another revelation: his older brother, Bruno Berdinazzi – who traveled to Italy to fight in World War II and ended up dying – had a son with Gema (Sonia Tozzi), Italian woman. Years later, this Bruno heir had a son: Giuseppe.

Upon discovering that the boy shares his blood and DNA, he takes the young man to Brazil. Since he has no heirs, he leaves his legacy to Giuseppe. After she is unmasked and leaves Geremias’ land, Rafaela wishes the young man luck: “Take care of his inheritance”.

Luana, Geremias and Giuseppe, from left to right – photo: reproduction/globo

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