Cristiana Oliveira rejects comparison with the new Juma de Pantanal

The actress Cristiana Oliveirathat lived Juma in the first version of wetland, in 1990, talked to Danilo Gentili on what he really thinks of comparisons with Alanis Guillen. The second plays her character in the current remake shown on Globo.

“I watch it every day. Not now, because I’m working a lot, I’m on tour to launch my book, the talks I’ve been doing, so it’s complicated, but I always see it,” she said.

Afterwards, the artist said she thought it was wrong to compare the performance of the two, since both have different talents and interpretations with the character of Pantanal.

“It doesn’t compare, no. This is bullshit. There’s no comparison. Is it over there [Alanis] do it her way. I love…. This thing about being 60, this coming of age story of mine, made me realize that certain things and feelings are silly,” she admitted.

Finally, she revealed that she sees a certain ‘dispute’ as a great nonsense to know which of the two played or plays Juma Marruá in the best way.

“I have a confidence that, when I did it, in 1990, it caused the commotion that, at that time, it should have caused. And I caught a generation and then I caught another on SBT. People have Juma in their emotional memory. I think it’s silly,” she said.


It is worth noting that, recently, Cristiana Oliveira participated in the Encontro na Globo program, and said that he suffered for a long time in his life, because of obesity. At the time, she said that she didn’t believe in her own beauty and suffered from it.

“I’ve always been very insecure my whole life. I always needed to hear something positive from each other to validate my character. At a certain point, you start to realize that this is all bullshit and that you are wasting your life because you are all the time wanting to be what the other person wants you to be,” she said.

And, speaking of acceptance, the famous told the Faustão who had a period that lived in search of other people’s approval of herself.

“I’ve already lost 50 kg and in my book I describe my journey. Which includes the fight with the scales. However, it’s not just a matter of physicality, obviously it is too. Because it would be hypocritical for me to say no. But it is that he was looking for an external acceptance a lot. I couldn’t create a security, a self-confidence. Therefore, I always lived on the basis of the approval of the other, of the other’s gaze. I only felt safe if I received a compliment. This was in every way, whether in the work on the physical issue or behavior. What kept me in an internal prison”, he said.

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