Cristiano's wife, Zé Neto's duo, draws attention with photos

the influencer Paula Vaccarisinger’s wife Christianof the pair with Zé Neto, has been drawing the attention of fans with her beautiful photos on social media. On Instagram, where she has more than 1.2 million followers, the blonde is always posting travel records, family moments and also some clicks in which she appears lavishing her powerful curves and a lot of beauty.

Recently, for example, Paula opened a photo album of her vacation trip with her husband and children. In a few clicks, the blonde posed with a stylish piece and showed her fit body while having fun in the paradisiacal setting. The influencer too squandered her curves in a sequence of images in which she appears next to Cristiano.

on the social network, she was surrounded by lots of compliments and loving messages. “What a beautiful woman,” said a young man. “It’s a spectacle,” praised a fan. “The cutest, too beautiful,” wrote an admirer. “You always rock Paula”, declared an internet user. “Most wonderful muse”, extolled another fan.

Cristiano’s wife had panic disorder

In March of last year, Paula Vaccari made an outburst on her social networks, talking about the difficult times he faced when his entire family tested positive for Covid-19.

“My mother tested positive. She had contact with a person who was asymptomatic, and ended up catching the virus. Cristiano ended up taking it, I took it. Irineu hadn’t caught it, but he wanted to stay with us, to take care of me. And even taking all the care, he caught it too. My mother had to stay in the ICU. Thank God she wasn’t intubated, she was a warrior every day. It took 11 days, and during that time I also had to be hospitalized, because I was very weak, with my lung compromised. I didn’t have the strength. Then Irineu also had to be hospitalized, and his lung was compromised. In the meantime she was quite stunned”vented.

In season, Cristiano’s wife exposed her weaknesses and said she had panic syndrome: “The mental is destroyed. I developed panic disorder again and had to go back on the meds. I was very afraid of my children having symptoms, because they both got it. But thank God they felt nothing.”she vented, mentioning yet, the criticism he received on the internet.

“I didn’t follow social media every day. I tried to stick with the good messages, but there are always people aside, who think they have the right to judge.”lamented.

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