Cursed fantasy reboot is finally filming after 14 years of production hell

Hollywood has been trying to bring a new version of The Crow to the big screen since 2008. The 1994 comic book adaptation starring Brandon Lee is a absolute cult film. However, a modern implementation of the material has not yet been successful. Now the The Crow reboot is finally getting going.

We already reported in April that a new leading actor had been found in It star Bill Skarsgård. In recent years, the different names associated with the project from Bradley Cooper to Tom Hiddleston to Jason Momoa – the list is very, very long.

Fantasy horror reboot: After 14 years, the filming of the new edition of The Crow finally starts

Nothing stands in the way of filming the current version. As deadline reports, the film will be shot in Prague and at various locations in Germany in the summer. No other reboot attempt has gotten that far. Ghost in the Shell director Rupert Sanders is directing the new The Crow.

You can watch the trailer for the first The Crow movie here:

The Crow – Trailer (German)


The screenplay was penned by Zach Baylin, who made his debut with King Richard and is currently involved in the creation of Creed 3. In addition, there is a exciting casting: British musician, singer and dancer FKA Twigs will play the second major role in the film alongside Skarsgård.

When does The Crow reboot hit theaters?

An official theatrical release has not yet been determined. As Deadline notes, the project will be presented to various distributors at the Cannes Film Market. If filming actually begins in the summer, it would theoretically be possible for the theatrical release Late 2023/early 2024 he follows.

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Any hope for The Crow reboot?

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