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Customs security kills Haitian in Pedernales market

A Customs security officer killed a Haitian during the development of the binational market in Pedernales this Friday.

PEDERNALES.- A guard from the Customs Directorate killed a Haitian during the binational development, after a struggle occurred in an attempt by the foreigner to take the gun from the guard.

Starling Heredia, was the Customs security officer who accidentally fired his weapon after a struggle with a Haitian in the middle of the domestic commercial exchange market on this border this Friday morning.

Immediately there was a run-and-run between taxpayers and merchants, leaving merchandise abandoned, while some looting by unscrupulous people who took advantage of the confusion took place.

Faced with the issue, residents of Pedernales, which includes former soldiers, protested after understanding that the Cesfront soldiers are not prepared to face situations like the one that occurred this morning.

They maintain that dozens of Cesfront agents appeared unarmed and hiding behind buildings, without seeing an action in defense of national sovereignty.

Members of Immigration, Customs and other satellite offices of Agriculture were caught in the middle of the shooting, some becoming nervous and others panicking.

Customs security kills Haitian in Pedernales market 2

The detonations, however, were heard from the Haitian side towards this side, because they did not accept that their partner had died.

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