Dakota Fanning will reunite with Denzel Washington in Equalizer 3, 18 years after Man on Fire

Antoine Fuqua is preparing this sequel for Sony Pictures.

Deadline formalizes the launch ofEqualizer 3 by announcing that the director of the first two opuses, Antoine Fuqawill find Denzel Washington for this sequel, but also hire Dakota Fanning. A duo who know each other well, since 18 years ago, they embodied the heroes of man on fire, one of Tony Scott’s best action films. A little girl at the time of filming (she was ten years old when she was released in 2004), she was very touching alongside Denzel who played his depressive bodyguard, regaining a taste for life by being responsible for ensuring his safety, before she is kidnapped by a cartel. She has since built a rich and eclectic career, signing for numerous film and series projects, for example the SF drama War of the Worldsby Steven Spielberg, the rock biopic The Runawaysin which she played Cherry Curry opposite Kristen Stewart in Joan Jett, or even the saga Twilight, where she played Jane Volturi and The Alienista historical medical series carried by Daniel Brühl.

It is not yet known who she will play in Equalizer 3, but this should be clarified soon. Following the success of the first installment, a violent thriller that raked in $190 million worldwide, in 2014, Antoine Fuqua released its sequel four years later, which grossed the same amount at the box office. In the first, the hero avenged a young prostitute played by Chloë Moretz, beaten up by her pimp. In the sequel, he avenged the death of his friend played by Melissa Leo. This third episode, still written by Richard Wenk, will be released on September 1, 2023 in American theaters.

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