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Dan Stulbach Pantanal: Ibraim tries to coup Leoncio

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Father and daughter are eyeing José Leôncio’s fortune

Dan Stulbach Pantanal arrived in the soap opera playing Ibraim, a corrupt politician who will try to get his hands on José Leôncio’s (Marcos Palmeira) money. Upon discovering that Érica (Marcela Fetter) is pregnant with José Lucas (Irandhir Santos), the deputy will try to use his proximity to the Leôncios to leverage his political career and will force his daughter to marry the heir.

What will happen to Dan Stulbach Pantanal?

In this Friday’s chapter, the 5th, Ibraim, a character by Dan Stulbach Pantanal, will talk to José Leôncio about Erica’s pregnancy. Charging for his “honor”, ​​the corrupt man asks the cattle king to convince the journalist to interrupt the pregnancy.

The deputy will not miss the trip and will still try to get closer to the Leôncio family to try to get some political or financial benefit from the farmer. The man will try to bring José Lucas and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) into politics, which José Leôncio displeases.

In the first version of the plot, Ibraim wanted to force José Lucas to marry Erica and almost succeeded if the farce had not been discovered by the firstborn before the ceremony.

The pawn even moves with Érica to São Paulo – the scenes will be kept in the remake and should be shown this Saturday, 6th. Under pressure from Ibraim, the two begin preparations for the wedding, while the deputy only thinks about promoting himself over the name of the Leoncios.

The union did not happen in the first version of the novel. Moments before the wedding, José Lucas discovered that Erica had lied and that she was not really pregnant. He had fallen for the ‘belly blow’, thought up by the blonde and her father to get his hands on José Leôncio’s fortune.

The story of Érica and José Lucas will be different in the 2022 remake. As advanced by TV Observatory, the blonde’s pregnancy is true in the soap opera on air on Globo. However, after the wedding is scheduled, the journalist will suffer a miscarriage and lose the baby.

Afraid that Zé Lucas no longer wanted to marry his daughter, Ibraim asks his daughter to hide the information about the firstborn. Even so, the marriage of the two will not take place.

Dan Stulbach Pantanal plays Ibraim, Erica’s father (Marcela Fetter) – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Will José Lucas become a politician?

If the remake’s script follows the 1990 version, José Lucas follows a political career under the influence of Ibraim. From pawn to truck driver, the firstborn will find himself in politics in the final stretch of the novel.

In the last chapter of the first version of Pantanal, the Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) comments with José Lucas’ stepson about the young man’s career. “And your father has become a councilor now, right? It almost doesn’t stop at home”, says the entity. That’s because the character assumes the paternity of Irma’s son (Camila Morgado) after she is abandoned by Trindade (Gabriel Sater).

Therefore, when the Velho do Rio asks about the boy’s father, he refers to Zé Lucas and not to the cramulhão pawn.

It is not yet known whether the end of the eldest son will be the same as in 1990. If Bruno Luperi decides to keep the script written by his grandfather, Zé Lucas becomes a politician and stays with Irma in the final chapters of Pantanal.

Erica and Ibraim, Dan Stulbach Pantanal, are unable to take advantage of José Leôncio’s fortune and end the telenovela far from the Leôncio family.

When does Pantanal end?

Pantanal ends in October and will be replaced by Travessia, written by Glória Perez. Until then, Bruno Luperi’s remake still shows the reconciliation of Jove and Juma (Alanis Guillen), the birth of the couple’s daughter, the marriage of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) and Filó (Dira Paes) and the meeting of the cattle king. with the Old Man from Rio.

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