daniel santacruz

Not only love can inspire the most beautiful songs, but also the little things that surround us, those that make us smile, that make us feel happy and full, a rose, the look of the person you love, or a sunset. .

For the Dominican singer-songwriter daniel santacruz It has been the larimar, that semi-precious blue stone, unique in Barahona, Dominican Republic, that he fell in love with since he was a child, and that now transports him to his childhood, allowing him to recall the collection of memories he has with his father.

But for him it was not enough to put the name “Larimar” to his most recent album (2020) in which he highlights the beauty of it, he went further and produced a documentary to further publicize the importance, value and history of this incomparable gem, under the name of “Larimar, the blue stone”.

daniel santacruz

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“From a very young age, we used to visit the South zone with my father, who was a lover of that zone. I remember that when we were arriving at Barahona he would stop at the bay to observe it. And from there, that connection with the stone somehow begins,” says Santacruz, adding that every time I went through the Colonial Zone “it caught my attention so much, so I always bought a little piece of the blue stone.”

During the conversation with Que Pasa, he affirms that over the years interest in a song aroused, since he always had in his notes, first of all, to create a song that was called larimar.

“Until one day when the inspiration for the song awoke, and that led to the release of an album with the name Larimar, and that it was enclosed within a concept that had to do with stone and after having released the album, I saw a lot of interest from the people of Spain, Argentina, from different countries, in knowing what larimar was, from what I said, I am going to document this”.

There were many months in which the interpreter of Bajo la lluvia was submerged in this almost 30-minute documentary project with the songs from the album in the background, under the direction of Luis Gómez.

In “Larimar, la piedra azul”, it is now available on the youtube channel @DanielSantacruzMusic. The Latin Grammy winner visits the mine, talks with the miners, meets with artisans, interviews designers, professionals in the trade and connoisseurs of the history and production of the beautiful stone.

“I feel proud, happy with the result, and I know that people will like it. We have a unique stone in the world, of which all Dominicans should be proud, a gift that God left us in Barahona to all of us, to share it with joy and pride with the whole world. I think many of us do not know that this stone is exclusive to us and that it is there in the South Zone, ”he said.

Pedro Gomez, Osvaldo Valerio, Norkelly Acosta, Daniel Santacruz, and Luis Feliz.
Pedro Gomez, Osvaldo Valerio, Norkelly Acosta, Daniel Santacruz, and Luis Feliz.

deluxe version

The singer took advantage of the occasion to premiere the Deluxe version of the album “Larimar”, which has some special versions of songs such as Santo remedio (Afro Mix), Bésame siempre, in bachata version; a collaboration with his brother Manny Cruz on the song Bajo la lluvia, and the unpublished bachata I found you.

“I wanted to launch it as a company next to the documentary, to somehow also close that cycle of that concept, and include new versions in it. It has four relatively new songs.”

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