David Hasselhof: "It was very hard for me..."

The icon of K2000 and Baywatch is attempting a comeback in a German meta series. At the microphone of Première, he confides.

He will be 70 in a few days, but the decades that pass do not seem to have taken on his aura of television icon. David Hasselhof was at the 61st Monte-Carlo Television Festival to present his new series.

A strange meta object titled Ze Networka surreal German comedy in which the ex-lifeguard of malibu plays its own role. That of David Hasselhofold glory of Hollywood, who agrees to participate in a play in the depths of East Germany, to try to revive his career, while his agents let him go and the Industry only offers him cameos in pop-culture-fueled franchises.

Even if he tries to detach himself from it as much as possible, we can’t help but see some truth in this astonishing Germanic fiction. Her first leading role in a series since the end of Baywatch, in 2000 ! Television mega-star, true living legend of the small screen then, David Hasselhof ended up getting absorbed into his own fame. To the point that the industry has only offered him, in recent years, cameos in his own role. And he confesses to our mic that he’s tired of self-referencing over and over again.

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“K 2000 and Baywatch, he says in French in the text, opened up the world to me. It’s great… I take pictures with the fans, I sign autographs, but what I really wanted was to be an actor. I’m an actor first and foremost!”

Thus, he seized the opportunity offered by the creators of Dogs of Berlin, Netflix’s hit German thriller. So he went to spin Ze Network in Germany, to try to find the thread of his real job:

“That’s why we made Ze Network… Well, I’m still playing it David Hasselhofbut it is a combination of different versions of David Hasselhof. I really play a David Hasselhof terrified by what is happening to him… Because I am an actor!”

Not always taken seriously by the Hollywood of 2022, David Hasselhofstuck in his red swimsuit for eternity, tells us that he only really counts on himself to give new impetus to his career: “So I’m doing it on my own (today). It’s been very hard for me…”

Ze Network will be broadcast in the fall in Germany. No French broadcast planned for the moment.

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