Dawson's daughter uses her famous "same" who cries to make fun of him!

James van Der Beek says it’s “quite violent”!

This is one of the most famous “memes” on the Internet. The grimacing face of Dawsoncrippled with pain after being dumped by Joey for Pacey, has been used for decades on the web…

An image that remains and that James Van Der Beek must assume. When the world laughs at him. Even his former cast mates. Even her 12 year old daughter!

Joshua Jackson pressured Joey not to end up with Dawson

“For some e-learning, we bought iPads for the kids, Explain James Van Der Beek to People magazine website. “And they immediately discovered the memes. So it started right away. My eldest daughter started sending me this meme of me as a reply to some messages. Frankly, it’s quite violent.”

father of six children, James Van Der Beek must show a lot of self-mockery to cash in: “I love memes. It’s my favorite thing in the whole series. It’s hilarious to work for six years on a show…and it comes down to three seconds.”

It also allowed the actor to be “really honest with (his) kids about his whole celebrity experience. What it means and what it doesn’t mean. It’s an interesting thing to explain to kids…I think they have to almost understood.”

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