Dazzled, Emilia will come up with a plan to make money at the casino

The dream of getting rich and living a life of luxury will make Emília (Gaby Amarantos) go beyond all limits in the next chapters of Beyond the Illusion. That’s because she will end up accepting Enrico’s (Marcos Veras) invitation to join a plan to earn money.

After being unmasked by the boy, she will now do everything not to have her secret revealed. Because of this, the two will get closer and she will end up being convinced to use fake chips to bet in the casino.

Posing as a wealthy widow, she will have an easy path between the high society of Campos de Goytacazes and will commit several crimes. In addition, the maid will still fall for the larapio’s lip and the two will live an affair.

After betraying Cipriano (Cláudio Gabriel) with the criminal, she will have the plan discovered by Giovanna (Roberta Gualda), who will be impressed with the situation and promises to expose everything to the factory worker.

Dazzled by everything she ended up living in the midst of high society, the waitress will fall for the rascal’s talk and will manage to achieve her goal, but then she will regret having entered the plot.

Novelty as a Naval Actress

In her first time acting in TV Globo soap operas, singer Gaby Amarantos did not deny that she was surprised to see herself all dressed up as Emília, beyond the illusion. The famous said it was shocking to look in the mirror.

“Seeing me as Emília for the first time was a shock, but it was a positive shock. I posted a photo on social media and I was shocked by the repercussion of people”, she said in an interview with Tati Machado, on Gshow.

The artist, who is known for her irreverent way and with an extravagant look, guaranteed that fans will now be able to see her in a different way. in the plot, Emilia is a woman who works as a maid, but dreams of being a rich and famous singer..

“She is going to set up a scam, some things that are not politically correct, to get to that place of wealth that she dreams so much”, says Gaby.

The artist also revealed that the The decision to return to acting came due to the pandemic. “Everyone stopped to reflect on life and what they wanted to do, and I was really missing the actress, because I’ve been acting since I was a kid,” she said.

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