Deborah Secco details life together with her husband

Preparing to debut as a presenter, according to TV news, the actress Deborah Secco participated in the Saia Justa program, shown on GNT, and spoke about her sex life with her husband Hugo Moura. According to her, the rush reduces the intensity of sex between the two.

“I just need to reconcile [meu tempo e a minha agenda], but when I’m at home I feel very horny for my husband. I want him every moment, I’m in love. I look at him and I have desires. It is a delight for a man, a person, everything”, she admitted.

Sincere, the artist admitted that he doesn’t have sex even 4 times a week. Beside that, she said that when her daughter Mary flower he doesn’t need your care so much, he runs to enjoy the intensity with his partner.

“My life is so difficult that we get desperate when my daughter goes out with a ‘little friend’. We run when we get a little time. We don’t do it four times a week, but I wish I had time to do more,” she argued.

immense pain

In the same chat, Deborah Secco recalled her mother’s pain, Silvia Secco, who experienced the grief of a daughter who was only five years old. According to her, motherhood makes her feel the feeling of loss much more.

“I cannot measure the pain my mother had with the death of my sister at age 5. This subject has always been very present for us. After I became a mother, I came to understand my mother’s pain more. I had no idea how difficult motherhood was, how much we give up our wants, our dreams and desires,” she said.

family and beauty

During an interview with the Who magazine, Deborah commented on plans to increase the family. Beside that, her husband prefers to adopt a child, unlike her who wants to have one more.

“Despite the disgrace, it was a gift to have the opportunity to be closer to her almost full time. It wasn’t a challenge, it was a privilege. My desire is latent, but I want to have it and Hugo wants to adopt it. So we are at this impasse, and Maria charges. She asks to work, but when I say she has to miss class, she doesn’t want to. She loves school and also loves to dance and sing. She is very playful and creative. I’m suspicious, but I’m a big fan. My mother respected my will and I am very grateful for that.”

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