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Deborah Secco is attacked, rebels and exposes situation: “Cruel”

Deborah Secco is attacked, rebels and exposes situation: “Cruel”

Deborah Secco recently claimed to have been a piranha for quite a while. After the statement, the actress revealed indignation with sexist attacks against his person that is totally different from the ‘catch-up’ era.

“People don’t know how to listen to truths, do they? We live in a hypocritical society, which does not deal well with its own defects. It is a society in which we do a lot for the opinion of others. […] I could be quiet, doing self-analysis at home and with mine. But we live in a cruel society, which demands perfection, and we don’t have it”, he said in an interview with Uol.

Even attacked on the internet, the global highlighted that he did not have any regrets about having exposed a homosexual relationship.

“For me, it was liberating to be able to look at myself with more empathy. Looking and knowing that I wasn’t perfect, and that my mistakes contributed to who I am today. I expose myself because I know that there are women who saw themselves in me”, he said.

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After the repercussion of the interview with Leo DiasDeborah Secco was asked by Rafa Uccman about the reputation of picking up married men and denied having a fetish with it.

“You had this reputation for catching several… At that time, did you suffer a lot of haters for catching a married man? Why did you like it? Like, was it a fetish…? Or did you not know he was married?”, asked the influencer.

“I didn’t. I knew that the person had a relationship, I asked, the person always said that it was not well, that it was going to end. But it wasn’t something I liked, no. In fact, I always suffered. ‘Cause I always knew it wasn’t pleasant”, she said.

Afterwards, the artist claimed to have learned to empathize with others and said that he would never get involved with married men.

“Today I would never go out with any committed person. Because today I understood the importance of looking at another woman. But when I was younger, I think it was a female culture, this dispute between women. I learned in life to compete with women, it took me a long time to reframe and see that we women have to be united and holding hands”, she admitted.

Finally, the motherand Maria Flor stated that she never wanted to end any relationship and was cheated on when she was younger.

“I never came to end a relationship, it always came to me that the relationship was over. And I, deluded. But today I understand a lot how wrong that was and how bad it made me and the people involved,” she said.

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