Deborah Secco became one of the topics of the week after giving an interview in which she revealed that she had fallen in love with almost all of her romantic partners with whom she acted. The actress is one of the best-known artists in teledramaturgy and has been in more than 20 soap operas, in addition to films. See some of the main soap operas that Deborah Secco participated.

Teenager’s Confessions is among the soap operas that Deborah Secco participated

The actress became known in 1994 when she was one of the protagonists of the series Confessions of Teenagers, in which she played the character Carol. The first season was produced and shown by TV Cultura, and then the work was aired on Band.

Deborah’s character was a 13-year-old girl, quite rebellious. She had three more sisters, Diana (Maria Mariana), Bárbara (Georgiana Góes), Natália (Daniele Valente), who needed to deal with the problems of adolescence.

Deborah Secco (right) was one of the protagonists of Confessions of Teenagers – Photo: TV Cultura

Family relationships

One of Deborah Secco’s most outstanding roles on television was in the telenovela Laços de Família, in 2000, in which she played Íris. The character was Helena’s (Vera Fischer) half-sister, and had a rebellious and lively personality. Able to achieve anything, she falls in love with Pedro (José Mayer), who treats her like a child.

Despite having participated in A Próxima Vítima (1995), Vira Lata (1996), Zazá (1997), Era Uma Vez (1998) and Suave Veneno (1999), this was his first major role in a Globo soap opera. .

Deborah Secco played Íris in Laços de Família – Photo: Rede Globo

the patroness

In 2001, she was in A Patroeira as the character Cecília, which tells the story of the impossible love between the young woman and Valentim Coimbra (Luigi Baricelli) in 1717, as she was promised to another man.

This was her first protagonist at 6pm. After playing the young lady, she was in Brava Gente (2002), Os Normais (2002) and O Beijo do Vampiro (2002).

Deborah Secco in A Patroeira – Photo: Rede Globo

Celebrity is among the soap operas that Deborah Secco participated

Two years after A Patroeira, it was Deborah’s turn to give life to the manicurist Darlene in Celebridade (2003). The character lived in search of fame and would do anything to appear in magazines and society columns.

She disputes the love of firefighter Vladimir (Marcelo Faria) with Jaqueline Joy (Juliana Paes), another manicurist who works at the Salvador salon (Roberto Bomfim). At the end of the novel, Darlene manages to marry Vlad, who becomes famous by irony of fate.

darlene 1
The character Darlene (Deborah Secco) in the soap opera Celebridade – Photo: Rede Globo


In the list of his most outstanding characters is also Sol, de América (2005). The protagonist of the nine o’clock soap dreamed of living in the United States and abandons her boyfriend Tião (Murilo Benício) to live the dream of living in American lands. Sol’s most memorable scenes are when she decides to cross the Mexican border illegally.

Sun (Deborah Secco) in America – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

The favorite

Deborah Secco also played Maria do Céu in A Favorita (2008), which is currently being reprized at Vale a Pena Ver De Novo.

She is a young gold digger who approaches Orlandinho (Iran Malfitano) because she had an eye on his fortune. However, over the course of the novel, the two ended up falling in love for real. She also has a relationship with Halley (Cauã Reymond) and Cassiano (Tiago Rodrigues) and becomes pregnant, generating a mystery about her son’s paternity.

Who is the father of the son of Maria do Céu A Favorita
Maria do Céu (Deborah Secco) in A Favorita – Photo: Rede Globo

Second sun

In 2018, Deborah shone as Karola, villain of the soap opera Segundo Sol (2018), a self-serving woman who destroyed the family of shellfish gatherer Luzia (Giovana Antonelli).

She is the ex-girlfriend of Beto Falcão (Emílio Dantas), who broke up with the musician after he was ostracized and lost all the fame he gained in previous years. When the singer is presumed dead, she teams up with his brother Remy (Vladimir Brichta) to try to cash in on the situation.

Deborah Secco played Karola in Segundo Sol – Photo: Rede Globo

Save yourself who can

Her last role in soap operas was in 2020 when she played Alexia/Josimara, one of the protagonists of Salve-se Quem Puder, a 7pm serial on Globo.

Along with Kyra (Vitória Strada) and Luna (Juliana Paiva), Alexia needs to join the Witness Protection Program and change her life after witnessing a crime. The three protagonists go to live in Judas do Norte after they are presumed dead.

Save Yourself Who Can Second Phase
Alexia (Deborah Secco) and Zezinho (João Baldasserini) – Salve-se Quem Puder second phase Photo: Globo

Bruna Surfistinha is one of the most striking characters

In addition to her notorious career in soap operas, Deborah has also been in more than ten film productions. Her most outstanding role in feature films was in Bruna Surfistinha, released in 2011.

She played the protagonist Raquel Pacheco, a young woman from the middle class of São Paulo who decides to leave her parents’ house and become a call girl – it is then that she chooses another name for herself, Bruna Surfistinha. The film generated a lot of repercussion at the time, in addition to receiving a lot of criticism and praise. The story is an adaptation of the book “The Sweet Poison of the Scorpion”, which tells the sexual and affective experiences of the young woman.

Deborah Secco played Bruna Surfistinha in the cinema – Photo: Publicity/TV Zero

My Uncle Killed a Guy

Before that, Deborah had already starred in another film in a prominent role, My Uncle Killed a Guy (2004). She played Soraya, a seductive young woman who seduces Éder (Lázaro) and convinces him to take the blame for the murder of the girl’s ex-husband. Duca (Darlan Cunha), Éder’s nephew, tries to prove his uncle’s innocence.

my uncle
Deborah Secco in the film Meu Tio Matou Um Cara (2004) – Photo: Reproduction/Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre

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