Deolane rebels after boycott and shoots: “They will never shut me up”

After Luisa Sonza detonate the attitude of some brands that want to silence artists who speak out about politics, Deolane Bezerra used Twitter to express his outrage over this. According to the DJ, she will never be quiet amid hunger in Brazil.

“You must have seen that many artists are ‘losing’ advertisements and works by positioning themselves, I’m doing my Arraial and I’m having a lot of difficulties with companies that don’t accept me not ‘silence myself. I cannot silence myself when I see the Brazilian people starving again, I can lose the money from these brands, but I will NEVER shut up and stop taking a stand!”, he said.

Direct and straight, the blonde said that artists who are silent show the side they are on. In addition, she once again stabbed the government of President Jair Bolsonaro.

“All the ‘silenced’ have already declared their side, I will not match myself and keep the country in the situation it is in, anger and sadness have already ravaged the world in recent years. Thank you to those who stayed with me and to the new ones who want to arrive, here respect will always prevail, but accepting quietly and trying to silence me by ‘cancellation’ that won’t stick with me!”, she pointed out.

Open letter

In the last month, Deolane Bezerra wrote an open letter to MC Kevin on the exact day that the funkeiro’s death completed one year. With an emotional text, she revealed miss the different moments with the partner.

“Open letter… 1 year…. 12 months… 52 weeks… 365 days… and it still feels like yesterday. On May 16, 2021 at 18:10 I received one of the worst news of my life! Kevin was and always will be the BOY who changed my life in every way and I will be forever grateful for that, HE taught me that we must love and give ourselves in the same proportion that we must respect our limits, our sixth sense and warnings from Heaven by Our Dear and Beloved God!”, he began.

In another passage, the lawyer said that the singer always praised him. She said that her lover made her see herself in a very special way in every way.

“Kevin always praised me and often made me see the woman I was, even with his mistakes he taught me a lot about love, especially love to the next! His passage through the land was short but he left us many teachings! We lived beautiful moments that I will keep forever inside my heart”, he confessed.

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