Désordres, the series by Florence Foresti, is coming soon to Canal Plus

Florence Foresti’s life is “a beautiful mess”. To discover at the start of the school year in series, with also Audrey Lamy, Baptiste Lecaplain, Anouk Féral…

When she is not on stage, Florence Foresti is a woman like the others. Worse.
A public figure, she is also a mother in joint custody, a drifting bachelor, an artist in search of inspiration, and a chronic anguish.
DÉSORDRES invites you to enter the daily life of Florence Foresti, every other week, when she does not have her dependent daughter, during the creation of her show “Epilogue”, in 2017.
Like his dual life, where the routine rubs shoulders with glamour, laughter flirts with the serious, and parody invites itself into reality.
A beautiful mess.

Here is the official synopsis of the series Orderscreated, written and produced by Florence Foresti for Iconoclast Films and StudioCanal. Cut into 8 episodes of 30 minutes, it will also be worn by Béatrice Facquer, Laëtitia Vercken, Anouk Féral, Clément Bresson, Eric Bougnon, Lucy Ordenacion, Luc Antoni, Baptiste Lecaplain and Audrey Lamy. See you at the start of the 2022 school year on Canal + to discover it. For now, the channel has not detailed exact dates for its broadcast. In any case, it will be a new collaboration between the actress and the channel, after having teamed up on the show 8:10 p.m. sharpin the early 2000s or more recently as part of the series The flame, Jonathan Cohen’s series, in which she played Emilie. She also hosted the César ceremony twice, broadcast unencrypted on the channel, and her film hollywoowhich she co-wrote with director Frédéric Berthe and screenwriter Pascal Serieis, in 2011, was already a StudioCanal production.

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