Detox cure: menu, drink, how to do it?

After the holidays, it can be good to put your body to rest and do a detox cure in order to cleanse it of excesses. Yes, but on the condition of doing it without taking any risks. How long ? What efficiency? How to do it ? Manual.

Definition: what is a detox cure?

The kidneys and the liver filter the waste of the body, when the intestines take care of evacuating them. When they no longer manage to play their role, the general state is disturbed. Fatigue, dull complexion, slow digestion, water retention… The elimination functions need to be stimulated to ensure a good drainage organs. The purpose of the detox cure is to rid the body of all toxins that he has accumulated over meals. A poor diet rich in fatas well as the stress promote their good evacuation and could be responsible for various symptoms.

Detox cure after the holidays: a good idea?

It can be interesting to “detoxify” the body after the rich meals of the end of the year celebrations. The goal is to unclog it and put it to rest. Without going as far as a real detox cure, you can already eat lighter (that is to say less fat, less sugar and without alcohol).

A detox cure to lose weight?

If you do a detox cure to lose weight, you may be disappointed. The cure may make you lose a few pounds temporarily but they will be quickly resumed. As with any diet, there is no point in excluding food and starving the body for too long because it always ends up trying to fill the gap. What we lose in this kind of cure is water and musclesgiven the lack of proteinsays nutritionist Caroline Le Marchand-Duros. This is therefore in no way desirable for anyone wishing to lose weight and sculpt their figure.

What to eat during a detox cure?

Lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, soups, soups or even herbal tea, this is the basis of a detox cure. Nevertheless, let’s keep in mind that the real detox is based on a healthy life and a balanced diet on a daily basis!

• Lemon juice for a detox cure

Every morning, one can cleanse one’s body by drinking the juice of half a lemon (organic) mixed with a glass of lukewarm water. For this to be effective, you have to drink your juice when you wake up. with an empty stomach and only eat 20-30 minutes later. This daily gesture promotes the elimination of waste and toxins accumulated in the body, stimulates the liver and the immune system, relieves digestive ailments, promotes digestion and restores energy. Potassium, vitamin B and minerals in lemon help prevent disease. Vitamin C is very useful in fighting winter viruses. Antioxidants have a real impact on the skin and the “healthy glow” aspect. Finally, the flavonoids contained in this citrus fruit protect against aging and cardiovascular risks. In short, lemon is a major health ally in many areas and this morning reflex is essential during a detox cure.

• Fruits and vegetables for a detox cure

More than for a detox cure, the following foods are good for the body in general. They help support overeating, prevent illness, stimulate the body’s cleansing process to reactivate the natural ability to regenerate and heal. We therefore choose: fruits and vegetables containing lots of antioxidants, fiber and water. We favor them of the season, and ideally, we consult an Ayurveda practitioner to find out if our Ayurvedic constitution advises us to consume them cooked or raw (in the form of fresh juice for example).

Good vegetables (choose in season of course):

  • Artichoke: rich in vitamins C and K and antioxidants.
  • Asparagus: diuretic, drains the liver and eliminates toxins from the body, rich in folate, it is a natural anti-stress.
  • Fresh coriander: rich in micronutrients, flushes heavy metals from the body.
  • Carrot: very rich in glutathione which is good for the liver, rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants which promote the functioning of the immune system.
  • Cabbage: rich in sulfur, trace elements, antioxidants, stimulates detoxifying enzymes in the liver and purifies the blood.
  • Beets: purifies the liver and blood, participates in the breakdown of fats, rich in antioxidants and fiber.
  • Spinach: rich in micronutrients, high in potassium, highly alkaline and diuretic.
  • Black radish: helps regenerate the liver, drain the gallbladder and the kidneys, antioxidant, source of sulphur, magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Garlic: natural antioxidant and antibacterial, helps cleanse the intestinal system, rich in minerals.
  • Celery: diuretic, rich in fiber and vitamin C and B9.
  • Ginger and turmeric: anti-inflammatory and diuretic (it is good to associate turmeric with black pepper).

The good fruit

  • Avocado: supports the proper functioning of the liver, contains glutathione which helps cleanse the chemical substances accumulated in the body.
  • Pineapple: diuretic, rich in enzyme which promotes good digestion and in fibre.
  • Apple: rich in fiber and pectin which helps cleanse the body of waste and heavy metals.
  • Pomegranate: rich in antioxidants, improves blood and lymphatic circulation

Fruits are digested quickly, so we prefer consume between meals so as not to disturb the digestive process.

• Good and bad associations to avoid

During the detox cure, we will favor white meats and fish, we 100% dairy free and we will decrease gluten at most.

  • We will also pay attention to good combinations by avoiding consuming proteins and carbohydrates during the same meal, which will be more complex to digest and will consume energy.
  • We avoid sugar, cereals, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea (apart from green tea or Matcha tea).
  • Take care to drink plenty of water and practice a gentle sport like walking or yoga.

What is the difference between a detox cure and a fast?

There are several levels of detox cures. Some of them consist in eating a single fruit (strawberries, apples, grapes in particular) throughout the day. More radical, total fasting aims to put the body to complete rest. Attention, this practice must be supervised because it presents health risks. In fact, the body will not just burn waste to recover energy: it will also attack fat, muscle, vitamins or mineral salts. Bad idea then.

How long does a detox cure last?

“I would say that if you do a cure of 4 to 8 days, at most twice a year, there is no danger to your health.says nutritionist Caroline Le Marchand-Duros. Beyond 8 days in a row, it becomes detrimental to the body.”

Can we do physical activity during a detox cure?

Sport is your ally to eliminate toxins, especially because it makes you sweat. At the start of the year, try to get started and set yourself a reasonable goal to start with. Regularity must take precedence over intensity. On the well-being side, think of the hammam. As it makes you sweat, it also helps eliminate toxins. The sauna is not, whose dry heat can be difficult to bear, especially when you have circulatory problems. Draining massages are also allies of the “detox” lifestyle.

How effective is a detox cure?

Detox cures are so successful that it is legitimate to wonder if they are based on scientific studies. In fact, no studies have been conducted to prove its benefits. Dr. Le Marchand-Duros is more than skeptical about their physical effectiveness. “It all depends on the reason for which you want to do this cure, she points out. If it’s to lose weight, it’s really not worth it, it will be totally useless. If the goal is more philosophical, without talking about religion, I would say, why not. It’s a form of overcoming, in a way.” As for the ability of these cures to detoxify the body, the specialist does not really believe in it either: “Either these people eat really badly in normal times to need to practice a diet for several days to rest their organism. In this case, the troubles will start again when they go back to their usual diet. Either the cure aims rather to detoxify them of all the pesticides and others that we ingest daily and in this case, a few days of dieting are totally insufficient. It would take weeks to get rid of it.”

What are the risks of an excess of detox cure?

If it is a priori not dangerous to go on a diet for a few days, doing it frequently could lead to deficiencies. Indeed, toxins are not the only ones to melt away during periods of fasting or mono-diets. The reserves of vitamins, nutrients and other good elements stored by the body can also melt, especially in the event of a drastic cure with almost total deprivation of food (this is of course less true for cures where one stuffs oneself with fruits and vegetables). Hence the interest of preparing such a cure, to be sure to come out of it in good shape and not more flattened than when you started.

What are the contraindications of a detox cure?

The detox cure is not to be put in all hands.

  • First of all, children cannot claim it. Their growing bodies have much different and greater needs than adults.
  • Same recommendation for pregnant women. This is not the time to ask them to restrict themselves, on the contrary.
  • Fragile people, suffering from diseases of the digestive tract or metabolic diseases such as diabetes cannot all practice detox cures. It really depends on the situation, which is why it is recommended to consult a specialist before embarking on this diet alone.
  • Same thing for thepeople with serious illnessessuch as cancer.
  • No cure either for people suffering from vitamin deficiencies or nutrients.
  • The cures are not recommended for people suffering or having suffered from eating disorders. This could destroy a fragile balance and push the person into a more serious illness.

In view of these numerous contraindications, nutritionist Caroline Le Marchand-Duros formally recommends “of see a doctor beforehand. It is he who will be able to tell you if you are fit for a detox cure or not. In addition, I highly recommend practicing this cure in a medicalized environment. It is more prudent, in the event that the patient has a drop in blood pressure or hypoglycemic discomfort.

What precautions to avoid “scams”?

Detox is not a business! Detox spa, detox coach at home, detox cure center… Many are those who exploit this vein. Find out before embarking on a cure, ask for specific quotes and programs and always favor word of mouth. Do not ruin yourself for a week of diet! Ditto, beware of herbal teas and other foods labeled “detox”. In itself, this name does not mean much and it is quite possible that the herbal tea in question is as effective as an ordinary herbal tea. Prioritize composition. The same goes for detox capsules sold in pharmacies or on the Internet as well as the countless nutrition and cookery books touting the merits of the detox cure. In the end, the abuse of detox cures could weigh on your wallet…

Thank you to nutritionist Caroline Le Marchand-Duros and Amelie Clergue Vaurès, certified and validated therapist from the network Medoucine.

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