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Detox: how to succeed in your cure?

Detox: how to succeed in your cure?

Detox is on the rise, especially during seasonal changes. What is it exactly and how to implement it? We take stock with Marion Pezard, naturopath and founder of the Healthy Living podcast.

What is a detox cure?

Detoxification or detox cure has no scientific definition. In naturopathy, it aims to eliminate the overflow of toxins in order to purify the body of its waste. 1. In its normal physiological functioning, our body naturally produces waste. This phenomenon is amplified by our environment (pollution, stress, smoking, sedentary lifestyle) and our bad eating habits (industrial dishes, overly rich diet).

In principle, the body is capable of evacuating toxins, but it happens that the filtering organs, called emunctories, which are the kidneys, the liver, the intestines, the lungs and the skin, are overworked. This results in various symptoms: fatigue, transit disorders, dull complexion… The objective of the detox is to strengthen the natural drainage of the emunctory organs from time to time. Its benefits are numerous: renewed energy, beautiful skin, better digestion…

Preparing for your detox

A detox cure, from a simple birch sap cure to a multi-day fast, can be done at any time of the year. At each change of season and especially in spring, which is a good season to stimulate the organs, or during periods of excess. It must be individualized according to the state and the needs of each one.

“Detox requires a certain effort from the body”, warns however the naturopath Marion Pezard. “Make sure you have the vitality available and that your emunctory organs are functioning properly. Irregular transit or insufficient perspiration should alert you. Your vitality and the health of your organs will determine whether you are fit to follow a cure and its intensity explains the specialist.

A detox that is too brutal can be accompanied by undesirable effects (headaches, pimples), so it is best to prepare for it beforehand. The week before the cure, I recommend drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day, this will promote the circulation and renewal of body fluids “indicates the naturopath. Another advice, “gradually limit foods that are difficult to digest (fried foods, cold cuts, gluten, starchy foods, dairy products, industrial dishes, etc.), as well as stimulants such as sugars, coffee and alcohol”.

Adapt your diet

As part of the detox, we increase the amount of vegetables, cooked and raw. Cooked vegetables are interesting because their fibers promote transit, therefore elimination. Raw vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, which prevents deficiencies “, specifies the naturopath. Favorite vegetables? Crucifers (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts), whose molecules help detoxify the liver, and astringent vegetables (artichoke, asparagus), which help the kidneys and promote hydration. “

On the drink side, we drink water (between 1.5 and 2 liters per day), and we eliminate sodas and fruit juices, whose sugar content is too high. “Certain plants can be consumed as an infusion to support the detox: black radish, milk thistle, dandelion and lemon… Algae, such as chlorella, also help eliminate heavy metals.”

Stay in motion

Physical activity is recommended, as it promotes the circulation of fluids in the body , specifies the naturopath. We avoid too intense practices, and we favor gentle activities: Pilates, yoga, swimming, or simply thirty minutes of daily walking. Another trick, dry brushing with a lymphatic brush before showering helps activate circulation.

Successful food recovery

By definition, detox is a cure. It must be temporary, its duration is variable and will depend in particular on its intensity. A cure based on milk thistle or chlorella can be spread over a month and a half. On the other hand, for a fast, we avoid going beyond a week. Moreover, at the end of the detox, the food recovery must be done gradually concludes the naturopath.

Need a detox?

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