Dira Paes shows off in a tight-fitting piece on break from a soap opera

The actress Dira Paes knows how to mess with the reactions of netizens and recently left most of them euphoric by sharing a photo taken on break from recording wetland. On that occasion, the famous came out very comfortable, with a tight look.

With her toned and defined body all in evidence, she collected warm compliments and It boasted very good shape with defined and attractive curves highlighted.Lagarteando in the sun”, he said in the caption.

“Man, you can’t help but love Filó in every way, I’m too passionate”, declared a young man. “The woman is literally perfect people, I love it”, said the second. “A spectacle”, punctuated the last one.

Filo’s food

who accompanies “Pantanal”you know that Dira Paes rocks in the skin of the character Phylum who always cooks for the pawns. On the occasion, the actress revealed during the “More you” who after ‘cooking’ during the scene, usually devours the food in the intervals of the plot recordings.

“Many people have been talking about Filó’s food. People ask me what they do, sometimes at the end of the studio we take that 15-minute break and the kitchen is attacked because there are so many delights. Brazil was missing Brazil and Pantanal brings us together, connects us around some issues without polarization around a Brazilianness. We have beauties and concerns about the environment. It’s an experience we’ll take with us for the rest of our lives,” she said.

you you you

Recently, Dira Paes commented on the character of the soap opera “Ti Ti Ti”, by Maria Adelaide Amaral. The plot that was shown in the “Worth seeing again”, made the actress happy to be inspired by her own mother to live a simple and humble seamstress.

“I think I was inspired to compose this character from my mother, who is a great seamstress. And that thing about the glasses and living on top of the machine, it’s a profile I’ve seen over and over again, of the seamstresses. Her eye gets tired of being fixed on the machine. That was my main inspiration for the character. I was very happy with the return of Ti Ti Ti because it was a soap opera that I loved watching. So, when I was invited to do it, I was very honored. And I had great expectations, I remember doing the telenovela and being a spectator of the telenovela, because it is light, fun, creative, dynamic, with incredible characters”, she told Quem.

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