The Legend, the "Stan Lee" from The Boys coming in Season 3

A meta character from the comics, who knows everything about Supes…

Paul Reiserseen recently in season 4 of Stranger Things as Dr. Sam Owens, will play The Legend, in the next episode of season 3 of The Boys. But who is he?

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson saw the “old legend“like a short, bald, elderly man wearing glasses and a red bow tie. He smokes cigars and runs a comic book store. He knows practically everything there is to know about the Supes. More than a Legend, a mine of information!

Originally, the character was supposed to be a parody of the real comic book legend: Stan Lee !

Dynamite Entertainment

Showrunner Eric Kripke and his writers clearly took some liberties to incorporate the character into the series. The Boys and we see that Paul Reiser wears big smoked glasses which are reminiscent of those worn by Stan Lee in many of his cameos within the MCU…

It remains to be seen how The Legend will fit into the story of the series. We understand that he will have a link with Soldier Boy … It will be seen on Friday on Prime Video, in the rest of season 3.

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