In cinemas soon: Ultra-brutal Viking epic has a bizarre scene that tops everything in Vikings

For Vikings series audiences, a visit to The Northman is almost a must. After all, a Viking film is a rare occurrence and a good Viking film is a real rarity. Inevitably, the question arises as to what The Northman director Robert Eggers actually thinks of the acclaimed series Vikings. There is now an answer to that.

The Northman filmmaker Robert Eggers discusses Vikings criticism

In a way, Vikings paved the way for The Northman: after 6 seasons, it was evident that the Vikings narrative was on the rise and was gaining traction. Robert Eggers was also aware of this. Despite this, the filmmaker made a very specific point split relationship with the series about Ragnar and Co.

For Vikings fans, check out The Northman trailer

The Northman – Trailer (German) HD


In an interview with TV feature film Robert Eggers was asked if he knew and liked the Vikings series – and had a clear answer ready:

I’ve seen a few Vikings episodes but that’s it all very far removed from the real world of the Vikings of that time. That’s why it is not really my thing.

The Northman father preferred to watch Richard Fleischer’s The Vikings (1958) again instead of Vikings, even if he denounced Kirk Douglas’ missing beard there. He also recommended The Gisli Saga from Iceland.

More accurate than Vikings: The Northman director chases authenticity

The Vikings historical accuracy not always taken very seriously (especially when it came to characters and dates) is nothing new. For main actor Travis Fimmel (Ragnar) Vikings even added a mistake.

Robert Eggers, on the other hand, is known as a filmmaker for attaching great importance to as much as possible true depiction of the past to lay. This was already evident in the implementation of his films The Witch (where, for example, buildings were erected with tools from the 17th century) and The Lighthouse (where old photos and lighthouse manuals were used very carefully).

The director also applied this standard of accuracy to The Northman. The majority of clothing, armor, and weapons became noisy Mashable from Artifacts from Viking graves and carvings inspired. According to leading actor Alexander Skarsgård, his character’s boat was built for the film exactly as it was a thousand years ago (including the right wood and the exact type of nails).

Not based on Vikings: The Northman took a long time to prepare

in one indiewire interview revealed Robert Eggers regarding his intensive pre-research to The Northman:

I have myself no liberties taken, just the things we just don’t know because they were 1000 years ago. I’ve done my best to be as historically accurate as possible. […] The best Viking historians and archaeologists have worked with me.

The Vikings in The Northman

Everything we know about helms and shields comes from sagas that were only written 200 years after the Viking Age – so inherited oral history. […] We write from a Christian perspective and we must entire [falschen] Peel off layers first.

With a budget the size of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, even Robert Eggers would have lovingly filmed in the old Norse language. As it was, he had to stick to English. Even with the greatest claim to authenticity, not everything is possible.

The Northman on Podcast: The Best Viking Movie of the Year

Director Robert Eggers wowed us in 2019 with The Lighthouse. Now he’s back with The Northman, showing us an Alexander Skarsgård like we’ve never seen before – comparisons to the Vikings series are no coincidence. In the FILMSTARTS podcast, Sebastian and Christoph and Björn discuss why the world of the Vikings is far dirtier in the film than in the series.

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