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Does Irma stay with Trindade? Fate of Jove’s aunt has pregnancy and new love

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Redhead will give birth to the ‘devil baby’ in the soap opera

Irma (Camila Morgado) is interested in José Lucas de Nada (Irandhir Santos), but is also being courted by Trindade (Gabriel Sater). The mysterious pawn doesn’t hide that he thinks the redhead is a princess, as he says, but he still hasn’t managed to win her over since she doesn’t take her eyes off the firstborn of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira). After all, does Irma stay with Trindade?

Does Irma stay with Trindade or with José Lucas de Nada?

Irma is dating Trindade, but it will be with José Lucas de Nada that she will stay at the end of the novel. The redhead will let herself be involved by the ‘cramullhão’ pawn, but their relationship will not succeed.

Since Irma arrived at the farm, Trindade has not taken her eyes off Jove’s aunt (Jesuíta Barbosa). The redhead, for now, is not interested in the pawn and has no patience for the stories he tells about the cramullion and other legends of the Pantanal.

She continues to invest in José Lucas, but commits a gaffe by calling the pawn by his father’s name while the two kiss for the first time. From there, the relationship between the two, which had barely begun, unravels.

It is then that Irma surrenders to Trindade. The two live a torrid romance until the redhead becomes pregnant with her boyfriend. The pregnancy will make the pawn worried, as he fears that the child will inherit supernatural gifts by having a pact with the devil.

And that’s exactly what happens – Irma gives birth to the ‘devil baby’ that, from the mother’s belly, gives signs that it’s not just an ordinary baby. In one of the scenes, a viola will start playing by itself and Trindade will say that the child is the one who is manipulating the instrument from inside the redhead’s womb.

In the original version of the novel, it was Trindade himself who delivered his beloved – the redhead has some complications and Zé Leôncio considers taking her by plane to Campo Grande, but the guitar player manages to bring his son safely into the world with the help of the cramullion.

Trindade (Gabriel Sater), Irma (Camila Morgado) and José Lucas de Nada (Irandhir Santos) – Photo: Rede Globo

Trindade leaves his girlfriend

After the baby is born, Trindade asks José Lucas de Nada to take care of his family. The pawn disappears into the world and is never seen by anyone again.

The pawn could not have a normal life alongside Irma and her son due to the ‘bad thing’ agreement. In real life, Almir Sater, interpreter of the character in 1990, left the soap opera because he was invited by TV Manchete itself to be the protagonist of Ana Raio and Zé Trovão, a serial that succeeded Pantanal on the station.

José Lucas and Irma stay together at the end of the soap opera. The redhead finally overcomes the platonic passion she feels for José Leôncio and marries the farmer’s firstborn.

Meanwhile, José Leôncio also formalizes the union with Filó (Dira Paes), but the protagonist suffers a heart attack the day after the ceremony and finally meets the Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), who reveals his great secret to him.

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