Does Jean-Luc Lemoine spare Cyril Hanouna?  He sets things straight

Double news for the host. Here he is surrounded by female comedians on Téva, Saturday June 11 at 9:00 p.m., for the Téva Comedy Show, while he begins the home stretch of the season, the same day at 1:35 p.m., for Samedi d’en rire on France 3, which will return next year.

What is your role in the Teva Comedy Show?

Jean-Luc Lemoine: I am a kind of master of ceremonies. We shot this fall at the Alhambra in Paris. The concept is carried by a man who highlights the guests, only women: Emma Loiselle, Camille Lavabre, Marina Cars, Karine Dubernet, Amandine Lourdel and Aude Lener, who either embody characters or do stand-up.

Is the competition from female comedians tough?

When I started, it was not very chic to make humor. Now, a whole generation sees in this job a way to express themselves. It’s a social movement! That the number of girls who embark on this path increases, it is good.

The theme of the evening is addictions. What are you addicted to?

I am a slave to my laptop. It is the extension of my hand. It’s not good to be dependent. I also like to eat and drink, which is what I do after my shows with friends. But without excess.

Every Saturday, you bring together more than a million viewers with Laughing Saturday on France 3. Will the show continue next year?

Yes, we are leaving with the whole team for a fourth season! We receive many testimonials from viewers who tell us that we are doing them good. With this program, we are not in the “it was better before”, we only remember good memories. And me, it also does me a lot of good to dive back into the lives of all these artists, who are often far from having had linear careers.

You hosted games, were on the team of Do not touch My TV ! How consistent is your background?

I can get tired of things quickly. With this show, I show my share of nostalgia. We do not see the comedian. But if you come to the Le République theater in Paris until the end of June, you will see that I am far from lukewarm. It surprises many people who come out of the show!

Is it out of loyalty to Cyril Hanouna that you don’t say anything bad about him?

I love everything I’ve done, whether at Laurent Ruquier or at Cyril’s. But regarding Do not touch My TV !it must be recognized that to last ten years in the first part of the evening and to be always as powerful, it is remarkable.

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