Tadeu dies in Pantanal

Does Tadeu die in Pantanal? This is one of the doubts of the public, since the character gets involved in fights, entourages and long journeys by plane throughout the plot. Fans of the pawn can rest assured, as he should have a happy ending alongside Zefa (Paula Barbosa).

Does Tadeu die in Pantanal?

Does Tadeu die in Pantanal? The boy will not have a tragic fate. He will marry Zefa in the final chapters of the soap opera and will have a happy ending alongside Maria Bruaca’s maid (Isabel Teixeira).

The pawn will still go through some ups and downs throughout the novel. At first, he fell in love with Guta (Julia Dalavia). The two started dating, but the social and cultural differences between them start to drive him apart. In addition, Tenório (Murilo Benício) tries to force a marriage between the lovebirds so that his daughter can inherit part of the fortune of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira).

Guta will give up the marriage with her boyfriend because she realizes that she doesn’t really love the boy. She will decide to leave the Pantanal after the love drama, but she will give up on the idea when Marcelo (Lucas Leto) arrives at her father’s farm.

With Guta and Marcelo getting closer, there will be no more chances for a possible return to the relationship with Tadeu.

What is Thaddeus’s ending?

Tadeu’s ending is next to Zefa. The maid has already shown interest in the pawn and was upset when the boy and Guta resumed their relationship.

Later in the plot, Zefa will ask Maria Bruaca to take her on a viola circle so she can get closer to Tadeu – and the plan works. Disillusioned after being kicked by Guta, the pawn surrenders to the girl’s love.

The two are married in a ceremony that will be held on José Leôncio’s farm. At the same celebration, Guta will marry Marcelo after the two discover that they are not half-siblings.

Zefa and Thaddeus 1990
Tadeu and zefa, played by marcos palm and giovanna gold in the first version, get married – photo: reproduction/headline

Is Tadeu the son of José Leoncio?

Tadeu is not the son of José Leôncio. The revelation will be made by Filó (Dira Paes) in the next chapters of the plot. The conversation will take place after Guta fights with the boy’s family. She will question if Tadeu is really the farmer’s son, since the two don’t look alike. Filó will be angry with Tenório’s daughter (Murilo Benício) and will leave the place accompanied by Tadeu.

The son begins to demand explanations from the mother. “I’ve never lied to you in all my life, son!” Filo will say. “Am I a father’s son or in a single one, mother? I want to know the truth!”, Tadeu will insist.

“If you want the truth, Tadeu… The truth is that you’re not his son! But you saved his life!” , will deliver her. Shocked, the boy will ask why. “Because your father had lost the will to live when Dona Madalena took Joventino from here. That’s the only reason I confessed that you were his son…”, explains Filo.

In the original version of the novel, the revelation only happened in the final stretch and in a different way. Tadeu discovers that he is not Zé’s son after hearing a conversation between his mother and the farmer.

He gets angry and decides to leave the farm because he feels cheated. It is then that he finds the Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) in the woods, who convinces him to return home and says that, despite the two not having blood ties, Zé was always the only father that Tadeu had.

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