La Vega.- The Municipal Government of La Vega inaugurated and made available to vegans the Don Hugo Estrella Health Park, a work built with an approximate investment of 20 million pesos.

Mayor Kelvin Cruz highlighted that it is a theme park that has a mixed sports field, beautiful horizontal and vertical gardens, a square for concerts, a space for physical exercises and for children, among other areas for the healthy recreation of vegan citizens. .

The also president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu) affirmed that it is “an emblematic park designed for the family, for children, young people, ordinary people, professionals and for the elderly”

The park honors the life and career of the distinguished vegan Hugo Estrella, a man who has forged entire generations through education. That he has established himself as a teacher, sports manager, promoter of art and culture, as a cooperative member and philanthropist.

Don Hugo Estrella 3 Health Park inaugurated

Kelvin Cruz defined Don Hugo Estrella “as a man of integrity and blamelessness who has left a clean career throughout his 80 years of life that fills his legacy with pride and serves as an example for all vegans.”

The mayor also highlighted that the construction of this public space was unanimously approved by the Council of Aldermen of the La Vega City Council.

Likewise, he warned that the park is not for anti-values, nor listening to loud music or other behaviors that generate restlessness among vegan citizens.

During the opening ceremony, a board of trustees was also formed to maintain the care of the important work made available to the vegan people.

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Don Hugo Estrella 4 Health Park inaugurated

This board of trustees is co-responsible for ensuring that the park is kept well cared for with the attention and protection of the people who will use it in the future.

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