Donnie makes the public wait for his tearjerkers new style

Almost all visitors come to Amsterdam-Zuidoost for ‘the smartlap new style’. The pumping basses, surmounted by collaborations with various folk singers, have become Donnie’s trademark in recent years. But only after about fifteen minutes into his long show, the first tearjerker sounds: ‘Bieber from the Pub’ with Mart Hoogkamer (whose microphone only switches on halfway through the track). The rest is waiting.

And that takes a long time. Especially if it turns out that the older songs by the Amsterdam rapper do not resonate with a large part of the audience, but also do not seem well mixed for a large hall such as Afas Live. Or is it the sound engineers on duty? The energetic music of producer Bas Bron (including De Jeugd van Nowadays) should be blasting out of the speakers. Unfortunately, the bass often sounds swampy and the high melodies are usually very far away.

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Result: chatting audience and huge queues in front of the bars in Afas Live. Donnie’s charisma saves him much of the evening. If he forgets his lyrics for a moment, he comes up with raps made up on the spot – freestyles – that fit perfectly to the beat. Behind him is a stage-wide Febo wall with lamps in the compartments. When disco sounds, that wall takes on all the colors of the rainbow. When we hear an adaptation of Frans Bauer’s biggest hit, the green light flashes. Logical: “Do you have jonko (weed, ed.) for me? Including a grinder!”

It turns out to be the prelude to the last twenty minutes, in which a sing-along feast is created after all. Frans Duijts, Willie Wartaal and René Froger come successively to reinforce Donnie. People hug each other, the beer flies through the air and the phone calls are on ‘rec’. This way everyone still gets a short version of the party they came for.

Rapper Donnie in front of the luminous Febo wall during his concert at Afas Live.
Photo Paul Bergen/ANP

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