Donny Roelvink seriously injured when shooting video: 'Very shocked'

“It went very quickly,” says 24-year-old Roelvink. “I only remember that I felt a blow. A few minutes later I woke up in an ambulance. Miraculously, I was not in danger of life. Of course this looks very severe. Only a few broken ribs and a small collapsed lung Luckily it didn’t get any worse than that.”

Danger is in a small corner

Father Dries Roelvink tells De Telegraaf that his son was hit by a Hummer that was driven by a friend of his. “He and some friends had come up with a plan to impersonate a movie of their great idol, bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, where Coleman performs a heavy fitness exercise on the street and it went wrong.” In the video, the bodybuilder is filmed from a Hummer.

“I was very shocked,” continues Roelvink junior. “I did not expect that something so small could have been so fatal. Yesterday I was having a barbecue with friends in the garden. And the next day you are lying here. That gives you that reality check of: hey, the can be ready in no time. The danger is in a small corner. This has especially affected me mentally very much.”

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