Don't forget the lyrics: Nagui profusely apologizes to a candidate after making fun of her answer

Viewers were able to witness a funny moment when Nagui appeared ashamed on the screen, following the response of a candidate, whom he had made fun of.

The fans of Do not forget the lyrics know it, Nagui can sometimes be teasing with his candidates. If he does not hesitate at the pleasure of affectionately chambering them, the situation can sometimes turn against himlike this Monday, May 9, where his mischievous thoughts turned against him.

At the conclusion of the interpretation of the title “save love”, by Daniel Balavoine, a candidate proposed words to block. Not being very convinced by this suggestion, Nagui, who was surprised by the gift of a candidate, was mocking, not even managing to restrain himself from laughing. While the voice-over recalls previous lyrics, viewers got to see the hilarious hosteven bending over backwards for a laugh.

Nagui: “I’m too ashamed”

As the candidate unveiled the last part of her proposal, Nagui let him know in his own way, that he was very doubtful : “Was it windy the last time you reviewed this song? Were you in the car with the window open?”he asked in front of the hilarious candidate too.

And yet, it would seem that the emblematic animator was bad language! Apart from a word of connection which made him lose the sleeve, the candidate had indeed found the right words, leaving a Nagui speechless: “I’m going to dive back into the text anyway because I’m too ashamed there”he said on the set of Do not forget the lyrics.

As a good prince, Nagui admitted his mistake to his interlocutor: “You were right, I ask you to accept my most sincere apologies for my mockery. I’m sorry”he declared to the applause of the public, and under the benevolent gaze of his candidate.


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