In an afternoon of pure fun, the Dominican Prospect Kids (DPK) platform delivered the uniforms to the members of the six teams that will be active starting tomorrow, Saturday, in the first edition of the “Baby Baseball Tournament.”

The 1958 recreation room was the stage for the protagonists, aged between 4 and 6 years, to receive from the hands of DPK executives the representative uniforms of the Baby Tigres, Baby Águilas, Baby León, Baby Elefantes, Baby Toros and Baby Giants.

The first day of the tournament was suspended due to bad weather conditions. For today, Saturday, a double day will be played, while the last date of meetings is scheduled for Sunday.

“They will be days of many surprises for each of the children who will be participating in this tournament. In addition to this, each of them will be awarded participation medals as well as champion trophies to each of the participating teams. In other words, there will be no losing team here,” said John Carmona, senior executive of the DPK.

The act began with the parade of the six ensembles, who were received with great joy by their parents.

Then, the character “Spiderman” made a presence to brighten up the atmosphere.
Afterwards, everyone present enjoyed contests, popcorn, soft drinks and gifts for all the children.

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