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Drama about Riesending cave is being filmed, shooting is underway

Drama about Riesending cave is being filmed, shooting is underway

The spectacular multi-day rescue operation of a caver who had an accident in 2014 from the Riesending shaft cave in Untersberg is being filmed. ServusTV cooperates for the production with, among others ARD and SRF.

The TV two-parter entitled “Giant thing” with Verena Altenberger and Maximilian Brückner in the leading roles is based on the real events. You can see how the injured man was rescued by more than 700 emergency services, including 42 Austrians, from the longest and most difficult-to-access cave in Germany. He was hit in the head by a rockfall at a depth of 1,000 meters and twelve kilometers from the shaft entrance and suffered a craniocerebral trauma. In a rescue operation that lasted eleven days and cost almost one million euros, he was brought to light again.

Filming in three countries

Jochen Alexander Freydank (“Toy Land”) is directing, the screenplay is by Johannes Betz (“Das Boot – Season 1”). Filming in Croatia, Berchtesgarden, Freilassing and Salzburger Land has been underway since April 4th. According to a broadcast, the result will already be available in the winter of this year ServusTV aired.

From the plot is known: Maximilian Brückner plays the operations manager of the mountain rescue service, Bertram Erhard, in his team there is no emergency doctor who dares such a project. So the international caving community is called in for help, including Birgit Eberharter, a caver from Salzburg, played by Verena Altenberger.

“Riesending” (AT) is a co-production of Senator Film (producers: Ulf Israel, Reik Möller), Lotus Film (Thomas Pridnig) and C-Films with BR, ARD Degeto, SWR, ServusTV and SRFfunded by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, RTR and Filmlocation Salzburg.

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