At the end of the four-day jubilee party, Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with Duchess Camilla, Prince Charles, Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Duchess Kate.  (Photo)

Who doesn’t know this from family celebrations: Some relatives always make a mess. It was no different on Queen Elizabeth II’s throne jubilee – and reports of hasty separations and outbursts of anger filled the Royals News.

It is a well-known fact that major events not only cast their shadows, but also reverberate for a long time – the 70th anniversary of the throne Queen Elizabeth II for example, which has already dominated the Royals news for the past weekis still THE topic of conversation royals-fans.

Mini-Royal Prince Louis conquered the hearts of Royals fans at the throne jubilee

However, there was enough talking point over the four days of celebration to provide enough discussion and analysis for the next seven decades! The jubilee Queen Elizabeth II, who only appeared sparingly in public anyway, did not necessarily cause the most fuss. Rather, it was the (very) young royals in the form of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and above all Prince Louis, who outstripped the monarch of the century and not only offered the photographers snapshots for eternity, but also loosened up the stiff hot protocol properly.

Poor Duchess Kate! Prince Louis’ mom has her hands full with a little tomboy

So far, Prince Louis has been in the shadow of his older siblings George and Charlotte, but Duchess Kate and Prince William’s baby should have become the ultimate royal heartthrob last weekend. The four-year-old is already prophesied he will inevitably follow in the footsteps of his uncle Prince Harry – Mama Kate can dress warmly, because the Telling the little bully princes shouldn’t be less…

Prince Harry incredibly bold – this wish was denied to him and Duchess Meghan

And then of course there was Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, who, as is well known, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had to promise the Queen, did not want to cause a stir at the throne anniversary. Without further ado, Harry and Meghan just celebrated – without royal relatives like Prince William or Duchess Kate – the birthday of their daughter Lilibet, who turned one year old. To honor the day there was the first official photo of Prince Harry’s daughter, but Harry and Meghan would have preferred to present the world with a completely different snapshot. However, Queen Elizabeth II personally pushed these plans a latchand the Sussexes were accused of “unbelievable audacity”..

Rage Outburst and Lightning Breakup! Meghan Markle just wanted to get away

As soon as the last crumbs of Lilibet’s birthday cake had been eaten, Prince Harry and Megan Markle already planning the return trip to the United States. Although the throne jubilee party was still in full swing, the Sussexes were already sitting in the private jet with their children and cones and turned their backs on the royal family – why the ex-royals left so hastily, was the subject of much conjecture. According to aristocratic experts, Prince Harry’s anger should stay in his stomach for a while – why is that? will be revealed here.

This was also going on in the Royals news:

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