Duda Reis dances with a yellow piece during the bath

Duda Reis enchanted the followers in his Instagram this week when she appeared taking a shower outdoors, wearing a very short yellow piece. At the time, the actress she bet on a thong bikini that showed even more her beautiful curves and toned body.

As the soundtrack of the video, Duda used the song ‘Ninguém’, by the singers Fran and Chico Chico. While taking your shower, the famous lavished beauty and sympathy, getting the whole body wet.

“Home is where your heart is. Participating in the trend soon so you don’t say I haven’t participated in any hahahaha. This song has so much energy”wrote Duda Reis in the publication’s caption.

Faced with the exuberant beauty of the influencer, her fans and admirers quickly made their presence felt in the comments, leaving compliments and warm messages for her.

“What a muse, simply wonderful”said a boy. “Wow, this princess is so beautiful”commented another. “You always rock Duda”said one netizen. “What a babe”praised a fan. “A show of a woman, very hot and beautiful”said another admirer. “Princess”declared another follower.

Attacks and charges on the web

As with many things in life, fame has its bonuses and its burdens. In the case of Duda Reis, for example, being a public person, made her a target of attacks and many demands, mainly aesthetic. In an interview with Quem, last year, the actress vented about the criticism she usually receives on the web.

“It’s difficult. Internet users are crazy. It’s a very crazy thing. Sometimes, a person – until then very loved – starts to receive a wave of hate. It’s a little exhausting. Opening up my personal side a lot and being frank, I’m afraid to post things on the internet. I’m afraid to be authentic, I’m afraid to be me. You end up making a post and already think about what people are going to say and comment, but you’re not always okay to take offense. There is a difference between constructive criticism and offense. Then comes that speech; ‘You are a public figure and you have to…’. I have nothing! Everyone has the right to give constructive criticism, but offend? Not. The internet is not lawless land. I confess that I’m afraid to post and I even feel unhappy about not being able to be myself, you know?”she declared.

Still in the chat, the famous said that sometimes, she often checks the profile of people who spew hateful messages at her on social media.

“I hardly ever go. When the comment is too offensive, I decide to go. “I want to see what this person does for a living”, I think. Often, the person who writes is a woman with a daughter. Damn, would she like to be written this for her daughter? We cannot do to others what we would not like them to do to us.” explained the influencer.

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