Mexico City (EFE).- The Mexican Sweet Maria He assures that he has left behind the bad drink that caused him not to have been able to be part of the reunion of his former RBD group after 12 years of separation, because with the presentation he made at the “2000s Pop Tour” concert, he had a satisfying reunion with his audience and a shower of emotions when reliving the band’s hits.

“I am giving my best precisely because I could not be in that tribute because I was pregnant, I had health problems, my pregnancy was high risk and that is why for me it is like giving them this bit of nostalgia that I could not physically give in back then,” the singer says in an interview with Efe.

On June 10, Dulce María took the stage at the CDMX Arena along with ten singers and groups that marked the entire generation at the beginning of the century. Although she was the only one to appear from the band she had together with Alfonso Herrera, Anahí, Christian Chávez and Maite Perroni, it did not prevent her from being able to sing songs like “There is still something” or “Tras de mí”, which were some of the anthems that made RBD great.

“It was super intense and shocking, I had not returned to the stage for a long time, my baby is a year and a half old and I had been locked up in the pandemic as a mother. Returning and that people received me so nicely and with so much affection was incredible, the nostalgia that is felt is crazy, ”replies the singer.

In addition, the tribute was not only in the musical matter, since the singer surprised all her followers by going on stage with the characteristic hair of her character Roberta Pardo in the telenovela “Rebelde” (2004) -which gave life to RBD- by once again wearing a very intense black with red, orange and yellow streaks, a “last minute” decision that took her back to when she was 19 years old.

“Nobody expected it, I told my stylist that I didn’t want to paint my hair red but that I would like to have a wink from that time, something from Roberta and I sent her a photo. (…) That day she arrived with the extensions as is and I couldn’t believe it, I was Roberta again, ”she says.

In his bag he casually had a nose piercing, very ad hoc to his character and what ended up completing the “look” was the red jacket that recalled the uniform of the Elite Way School, the school where they studied in fiction. The singer promises to “continue giving everything” in the three remaining dates of the show in cities such as Monterrey, on July 8, Guadalajara on August 20 and on November 17 once again in Mexico City.

In addition to Dulce María, the event brings together Yahir, Kudai, Paty Cantú, Bacilos, Pee Wee, among others.

At the end of 2021, Dulce María released her album “Origen”, an album with a folk influence with which she marked her path as an independent artist. Although she has dedicated much of her time to her baby, Dulce María has not completely given up music, as she is recording what will be “Origen Deluxe”, whose first advance was “Déjame ser”, a new version of the main theme of the series “Summer of love” (2009).

The same weekend that Dulce María stepped on the stage, Anahí was also able to pay tribute to RBD but at the concert of the Colombian Karol G, who claimed to have been a huge fan of the band in her adolescence for what for her represented a dream come true actually have the opportunity to sing “Sálvame” with the Mexican.

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