Ekat and her dance partner Gil Ofarim are the lucky winners of Season 10

Ekaterina Leonova made her professional debut on “Let’s Dance” in 2013 and has since swept the floor with numerous celebrities. Read here how she managed to become one of the best dancers in the world and whether she may have already found her partner for life.

Ekaterina Leonova has been a professional dancer since 2013 on the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”.
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In the tenth season of the dance show “let’s dance” fetched himself Ekaterina Leonova In 2017, he won the coveted title together with singer Gil Ofarim and repeated the feat twice more in the following years, first with Ingolf Lück and then with Pascal “Pommes” Hens – so “the dance general” was the first professional to win the triple in “Let’s Dance”. Ekaterina Leonova was not in front of the camera for the first time as a professional dancer on RTL. Since the sixth season in 2013, the native Russian has been sweeping the floor on “Let’s Dance”. However, her passion for dancing goes back much further.

Ekaterina Leonova has been dancing since she was a child

Born in Volgograd in 1987, Leonova has been dancing standard and Latin American dances since she was ten years old. At first she only practiced dance as a sideline, but she trained as a dance teacher while she was still at school and during her subsequent studies in social pedagogy in Volgograd. Ekaterina Leonova successfully completed this in 2007 and only one year later decided to go to Germany to further advance her dance career. She is now considered one of the best dancers in the world and has won numerous titles. In 2012, for example, she won the World Cup Standard Malaysia.

In “Let’s Dance” Ekat danced with these well-known dance partners

In addition to her successful career in dance, Ekaterina Leonova also made the leap in front of the camera with “Let’s Dance” and made a name for herself beyond the sport. In recent seasons she has danced with ex-bachelor Paul Jahnke, ex-MTV presenter Patrice Boudebila, weightlifter and Olympic winner Matthias Steiner, former beach volleyball player Julius Brink and musician Gil Ofarim, with whom she won in 2017. Ekat also won the title with Ingolf Lück and Pascal Hens.

Ekaterina Leonova returns to “Let’s Dance”.

Ekaterina Leonova proved in 2021 at “Das Große Promibacken” that she can bake and also met her dance partner Pascal Hens there. Professionally, things went great for her in 2021, although she took a break from “Let’s Dance”. “The employment contract is signed,” she wrote on August 23, 2021 Instagram and revealed that she is moving to Munich. But she remains true to the RTL dance show and will be dancing again from February 18, 2022.

Her private life is especially important to Ekaterina

Since she attaches great importance to her privacy, it is also not known whether the pretty Russian currently has a boyfriend. In her Facebook post on July 7, 2017, she also made it clear: “If my private life is not in the foreground in the press, that does not mean that it does not exist. I could also have a friend who does not hear your statements at all would like.”

However, Ekaterina Leonova made headlines shortly after her third “Let’s Dance” triumph in an ugly way. Why is there fear in the room that the elegant professional dancer is threatened with deportationlearn more about it here.

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