Pixar finally released the trailer for Elementary, his long-awaited new movie. We already have the first glimpse of what promises to ber one of his most romantic films to datewhich is already moving many with its tender story.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about the film that will be released by the beloved animated studio during 2023.

What you should know about Elementary

We already have the first trailer for Elementary, the new Pixar movie to be released next year. The world of elements comes to life in this short teaser that takes us into this new adventure, which already gives us hints of how emotional the story will be.

Elementary follows the story of a city where the four elements, fire, water, earth and air, have life and coexist. Our protagonists are Ember and Wade, a young woman of fire and a boy of water, who they fall in love despite the impossibility of touching each other.

Without much dialogue, the trailer for the new movie introduces us to Ember, who must hide from the rain to avoid turning off. While riding the train, he runs into Wade, who spills a drop on his arm before falling in love at first sight.

Elementary will be released on June 16, 2023 as Pixar’s only film for the next year. This, after this 2022 they have released two tapes, the acclaimed turning red and the controversial Lightyear, of the universe of Toy Story.


Due to its subject matter, some were quick to compare Elementary with the plot of Avatar, the iconic Nickelodeon animated series. Given this, the director of the film, Peter Sohn, came out to answer these comparisons between stories.

I watched it with my kids and it’s great, but ours is very different. There are no martial arts in our world. Nothing like that“said the director of the new Pixar movie in conversation with ew. However, he stated that he appreciated the comparison and hoped that fans love his tape too.

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